A Meditation on Kill la Kill

I never really feel equipped to discuss anything in any meaningful way. And despite all the analysis videos I’ve consumed in the past few years, no amount of reading or watching such excellent insights into such things as character and plot analyses, thematic dissections, creator intentions and studio histories, production values, etc. marks a strong enough impression to leave the information readily conscious to mind.

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Thanks for the Nightmare Fuel: End of Evangelion

Often I avoid discussing a lot of popular works, because they’ve been explored so much by so many others for such a long time that I don’t feel like I’d have anything to contribute to the discussion. Neon Genesis Evangelion is one such example, but more specifically I’m here to unravel the experience I had watching it’s conclusion: End of Evangelion. Perhaps I’m not as intimate with this series as many others seem to be, but I do find it both very fascinating and incredibly frightening to watch and talk about. So, I’m going to assume you’ve watched both and in reading this, already have a greater understanding of them than I do. If not, spoilers.

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Groovin’s Magic

Anime OPs are generally made with the express purpose of setting up expectations for the viewer on what the show is about. Often you may see scenes from the show itself being spliced into the OP as previews for the ensuing awesomeness that lies in wait. Some OPs, however, can be so striking and memorable on their own that they alone invite you to return and re-watch the series again and again.

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Tears in Time and Space: Gunbuster

I’m someone who can immediately get behind any character that is so passionate about doing what they want to do that they try their damnedest to see it through, with hard work and sheer determination. A lot of Gainax’s and Studio Trigger’s shows tend to have these audacious characters, and love putting them center stage to show off how awesome and endearing they are in trying to achieve their goals, and of course gloriously showcasing them when they do, usually with that trademark pose of epic win.

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Psycho-Pass’s Dominators Are Cool

Psycho-Pass as a whole interests on a conceptual level. But there’s one aspect in particular I’d like to draw special attention to, and that is the weapon used by the Inspectors and Enforcers in the series, the Dominator. 

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