Re: Would Our Anime Heroes Enjoy Anime?

Ex-blogger extraordinaire ghostlightning wrote a post called ‘Would our anime heroes enjoy anime?’ back in 2008, and it wasn’t until my viewing of Re:Creators that I would give the idea much thought. Though had I read his post way back when, I’d probably have reflected on it a lot more because it’s such a fun and interesting concept. Go read his post if you haven’t already by the way, it’s an interesting and awesome read!

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Is This Custom On The Black Planet Lizard? (Princess Principal)

I’ve already talked about the coolest aspects in Princess Principal, and I still standby what I said about the OP, aesthetic and (possibly erroneous) interpretation of the show in relation to the fickle nature of moe. Call it recency bias, but I still think Princess Principal is really cool!

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So I Watched The Big Lebowski and…

So I just got done watching The Big Lebowski and had a slight headache, alongside multiple noise-related interruptions throughout. Not to say it was a bad movie, or an outright terrible first-time experience watching it, but suffice it to say there was mild disruption slowing down my enjoyment of the film.

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DB Super – Just Try To Be Happy for Videl, OK?

I’ve never really understood the complaints from Dragon Ball fans about Videl being “forced” into a mom role. What do you expect her to do in a world (now multiverse) of ridiculously powerful beings (including GODS now), capable of destroying virtually anything with ease? I mean, yeah it was cool to see her be a tough tomboy fighter in DBZ, but I’d argue that a big part of her character arc involved learning not needing to be the strongest person in her life. And I think a lot of people would come to that revelation given the circumstances of personally knowing as many people as she does who can perform incomprehensible super feats.

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A Look Back: Evangelion

Before my inevitable rewatch, I’d like to try and dig up some fossil thoughts and feelings I have on Eva from my first experience watching it two years ago. Because this is a show I very much want to like more than I already do. Actually, I have mixed feelings about it, but this post isn’t so much concerned with exploring the show itself or how I feel about it (though it is a little) as much as it is about how hard it is to find something to new to say about it now. Basically this is a post about nothing.

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