SDF Macross 22-24: Head Over Heels & Deculture!!

(13) Minmay photo

Continuing from the comedic high and sparking turn of events of the last couple of episodes, the next three episodes progress things along rather swiftly and dramatically in regards to Zentradi activity and deference. The higher-ups are taken aback by the developments of culture circulating within the ranks and thus are becoming more fearful of the power of protoculture. Kamuji is unyielding in his irascible nature and lust for violence. And outside of those complicit in the fighting, the rest break from battle at a chance to safety and citizenship on Macross.

And because this is a love story, there are of course some developments there as well: Minmay gets pulled into some complicated affairs regarding her relationship status after a confusing bit of contact with Kaifun when he sticks his tongue down her throat. Misa leaves for Earth, leaving Hikaru to spend time having to face his new feelings for her while still being oblivious to them. Meanwhile Max makes the biggest headway in the world of romance (in the shortest time, too) when he wins himself a date with Milia.

Episode 22 “Love Concert”

L-O-V-E! Lovely Minmay!

  • Open on Zentradi leader watching “Shao Pai Long”; how he sits staring blankly at it (lol)
  • Meanwhile the rest of the crew are gathered listening to some lovely tunes (Zero-g love) – “This is called “song”? It feels good!”
  • They changed tracks by flipping a switch on the doll – cool, but how do you turn off the doll then?
  • Word of them wanting to surrender and live on my Macross reach Kamujin – things are speeding along nicely
  • Announcement ordering soldiers to attack Macross results in them pushing plans to leave the fleet and join Macross up a lot sooner (lol)
  • Hikaru is philosophizing about his place on Macross and the “meaningless war” with the Zentradi – at least we know one person on board that will be willing to accept surrender / peace should it present itself
  • Or not… since he finds the resolve to fight by doing it to protect Minmay… hmmm
  • So much LOLKAWAMORI moments of characters going off-model this ep – Minmay, what have they done to you?! (your eyes… your face… your resemblance to humans…)
  • Coffee time for Team Macross
  • Minmay’s song is opening up fresh wounds for Claire and Hayase
  • Stop staring at Minmay with those crummy eyes, Kaifun!
  • The Zentradi are planning to leave one area vulnerable during their attack to lure Macross’s miclones inside
  • Hikaru senses something is off with the fleet
  • DAEDALUS ATTACK! (it’s been a while, old friend)
  • Macross has been boarded! The Zentradi are causing so much damage
  • In the midst of all the havoc and chaos Milia finds her match
  • And Hikaru anxiously charges to save Minmay

(14) Hikaru valkyrie charge

The chain of events that transpire here are a mixture of comical fun and striking turmoil. Until the Zentradi boarded Macross and starting firing indiscriminately, the impression I was getting from them was that they were going to immediately execute their plan of defecting to Macross because they really wanted to live there. But upon reflection, I see that this sort of change in nature (overcoming their warpath ways) is not something easily done. I imagine it takes great concentrated effort to go from a lifetime of only knowing violence to willingly allowing oneself to adopt an alternative and far less destructive way of living.

The spread and effect of culture wasn’t enough on its own for them to renounce their barbarous ways. Though seeing the consequences of the destruction they caused seems have to woken them up to the weight of their actions (at least so far in terms of damaging the “culture” they so greatly yearn for), I maintain a healthy amount of skepticism as to them all making a permanent metamorphosis for the time being. But I have a good feeling things will end peacefully, however many are left to bring about such a resolution.

Episode 23 “Drop Out”


  • Hikaru is dodging (rolling) lasers left and right and firing back in a frenzy (rather bloodthirsty today, I see)
  • Kamujin is right around the corner and his men are deserting for fear of hurting Minmay
  • Kaifun kisses Minmay! Hikaru sees, but doesn’t stay to witness Minmay pushing him away
  • He takes out his frustrations on an ambush of Zentradi soldiers
  • Elsewhere another group of Zentradi are lamenting the destruction they’ve caused (I’m still reeling from it myself)
  • Hikaru is called away from the action and taken aback when he sees the three spies who played a part in his imprisonment when he got captured by the Zentradi
  • He’s not all that keen on letting them defect to Macross – “Lt. Ichijo, I thought you would understand.” Me too, Misa. Me too.
  • Woo! They talk it out and he changes his mind.
  • “Not everything is about victory or defeat.” Well said, Captain Hayase.
  • After the matter is settled and they’re accepted as defectors, Hikaru gives Hayase a tour of the city post-battle (interesting that she thinks it’s good that she sees the terrible aftermath) and then they chat over tea in the Chinese Restaurant
(15) Hayase wink
Winking = breakthrough
  • Dogfight in space – this time with a more polite Hikaru (lol)

Ignoring the rage-inducing affair of Kaifun kissing Minmay, the episode deals with a contrast of violence (the love for, participation in, and abandonment of) – as we see in the bloodthirsty Kamujin, Hikaru, and his squad – and a microcosm of peace (the openness to, possibility for, and struggle in negotiating) as we see in the three spies surrendering to Global, Hikaru, and the dissenting board members.

Now that the option for peace has become available, procurement of armistice and accord or more accurately, convincing the UN and Zentradi to set aside fighting for a time to arrange for peace talks is the new long-term goal for Team Macross, I imagine. And the first step to getting there is securing legal documentation for the three Zentradi spies to become civilians. No shock that they share similar DNA to humans, but it is an important detail with regards to proving there is a reasonable link to help establish shared and accepted relations between the two species.

Episode 24 “Goodbye Girl”

(1) Goodbye Girl

  • Misa is heading to Earth to convince her father (and thus the UN) to end the war with the Zentradi (fingers crossed)
  • Shammy seems to have grown a fair bit – now being so involved in her work that she answers back with bite, to Captain Global of all people! (Ha! attagirl)
  • Hayase called Hikaru to say goodbye and then soon after is intercepted by a Zentradi fleet
  • “Deploy the Booby Duck!” “…”
  • Off-duty Hikaru takes resolute initiative in flying out to protect Hayase (professionalism? Friendship? This kind of urgent flying transcends either of those!)
  • Max took out thirty ships? Already?! Wow… (“Ace pilot”, indeed)
  • Hayase and Hikaru have a touching heart-to-heart from their aircrafts where they thank each other and Hikaru signals his best wishes to her

(6) Hikaru thanks Hayase

  • Milia’s after entering a jet! (getting goosebumps)
  • Bend the spoon, Hikaru (lol) – even though he denies it, he’s worried about Hayase (even Max can see that)
  • Oh, so it turns out that Milia was actually getting into a flight simulator arcade game cabinet (well played, Macross)
  • She’s quite good (but so is Max lol) – “Just my type!” he says (+3 honesty)
  • He winked at her (smooth AF)
  • The game ends with the victor’s pilot avatar getting kisses by a relieved and ecstatic Minmay (her popularity has gotten so big she’s practically synonymous with Macross culture at this point)
  • Kaifun gives in to the reporters this time and let’s it be known that he would not be adverse to marrying to Minmay – oh boy…
  • Max comes to Hikaru for some impressions on his dudes for his date with Milia (you’ve got this, Max – you’re the space cowboy and gangster of love rolled into one blue-haired smoothie; someone who shoots down bogeys with ease while ogling tits)
(8) Does this tie look good on me
Yes, now go. GO!
  • Claudia sits down with Hikaru and masterfully sows the seed of Hayase love into the forefront of his mind shares her romantic wisdom with him (+10 approval)

Max is already going after (read: courting) Milia after having just formally met her. Haha, I love it (read: YES!YES!YES!-It’s-actually-happening-oh-my-god-YES!YES!YES!).

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