Is This Custom On The Black Planet Lizard? (Princess Principal)

I’ve already talked about the coolest aspects in Princess Principal, and I still standby what I said about the OP, aesthetic and (possibly erroneous) interpretation of the show in relation to the fickle nature of moe. Call it recency bias, but I still think Princess Principal is really cool!

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DB Super – Just Try To Be Happy for Videl, OK?

I’ve never really understood the complaints from Dragon Ball fans about Videl being “forced” into a mom role. What do you expect her to do in a world (now multiverse) of ridiculously powerful beings (including GODS now), capable of destroying virtually anything with ease? I mean, yeah it was cool to see her be a tough tomboy fighter in DBZ, but I’d argue that a big part of her character arc involved learning not needing to be the strongest person in her life. And I think a lot of people would come to that revelation given the circumstances of personally knowing as many people as she does who can perform incomprehensible super feats.

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A Look Back: Evangelion

Before my inevitable rewatch, I’d like to try and dig up some fossil thoughts and feelings I have on Eva from my first experience watching it two years ago. Because this is a show I very much want to like more than I already do. Actually, I have mixed feelings about it, but this post isn’t so much concerned with exploring the show itself or how I feel about it (though it is a little) as much as it is about how hard it is to find something to new to say about it now. Basically this is a post about nothing.

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20 Years Later… Berserk: no blame, no shame

I don’t know what compelled me to finally dig up the grounds of anime legacy and unearth this series, apart from perhaps a give-in to my long felt build up of guilt for having not watched such a classic. But I’m glad I did, because it was, despite some of its arguably dated aspects, an engrossing watch. Berserk is, I feel, a rarity, in that it doesn’t play around and try to bullshit the viewer. No, it treats you as it treats Guts. Like. A. Fucking. Adult.

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Good Feels (Courtesy of Ponyo)

Ponyo is an irrepressibly joyful movie. It’s just so wonderful and gorgeous to look at. You get a bubbly feeling watching it because it fully embraces its positive emotions, and through unbelievably beautiful visuals uses its art and animation to amazing effect in making these happy and joyous emotions felt.

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