So I Watched The Big Lebowski and…

So I just got done watching The Big Lebowski and had a slight headache, alongside multiple noise-related interruptions throughout. Not to say it was a bad movie, or an outright terrible first-time experience watching it, but suffice it to say there was mild disruption slowing down my enjoyment of the film.

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Trying to Capture The Time Capsule Experience

Remember years ago when you were watching anime and your only exposure was either from TV or DVDs? Remember the experiences that came with watching shows around the time they were airing? Continue reading “Trying to Capture The Time Capsule Experience”

Sanji is NOT a Womanizer!

There seems to be this idea that started long ago – that Sanji is a womanizer, to the extent that even the creator, Eiichiro Oda agrees and has referred to him as such. Now, you might think the creator’s words are gospel to their works, but not when it comes to a fundamental misunderstanding of the meaning of a word, here, in contrast with the character’s contrary attitude, behavior, and actions.

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“Objective Reviews”

Probably going to get flak for this one, but it’s been so long since I’ve written something that I feel like I’ll go insane if I don’t, hence it being labelled a “rant”. But that shouldn’t invalidate any value you may/may not gain from reading this or by agreeing/disagreeing with it. This preface is getting weirdly presumptuous… You will either like, dislike, or feel indifferent to what I’ve typed below.

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Thoughts on LEGO Batman

Despite my burnout from Suicide Squad, I was actually looking forward to seeing LEGO Batman, since I liked The LEGO Movie. I was hoping it would redeem WB’s previous attempts at comic book movies. Boy, was I naive. Unfortunately, LEGO Batman has become the final nail in the coffin between me and WB’s adaptations of the DC Universe.

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