SDF Macross 31-33: The Light Shines Full

14) Thumbail

I can’t speak much on the events of these episodes, mostly because all I can think about is, ‘Are Hikaru and Misa really going to get together? Is this actually happening? I’m not sure how to feel about this anymore’. In any case, the last of these three episodes indicates that things are starting to wind down.

If there’s no more battle-based conflicts to be had in the next three, I wouldn’t mind at all. I’ll gladly welcome the early closure there for more interim with the characters and an extended resolution on the relationship front.

Episode 31 “Satan’s Dolls”

10) By the balcony

  • Battlepod factory-line assembly FTW
  • Ah, it broke down – “The future’s not looking too bright!”
  • Gossip among the Macross gals at work about Kaifun and Minmay’s status together being on the rocks
  • Misa eyes them from above and surprisingly lets out a smile as they disperse
  • More mutinying Zentradi – This time trying to make a getaway with weapons and wheels
  • Hikaru Valkyrie Kick!
  • That stopped them in their tracks
  • Hikaru gives diplomatic reasoning another go; telling them they can live as they please, just not in any way that involves stealing a micloning device
  • Meanwhile, some quarrelling between Kamujin and the others on the success/failure rate for nabbing a micloning device leads him to doing it himself
  • The close up artistry of Minmay and Hikaru’s faces here are from another world
  • If Kaifun’s standing up for Zentradi rights, you know there’s something amiss and if you’re next to him, you’re on the wrong side.
  • Goddamn mob mentality (next time on: ‘Kaifun Ruins Everything’)
  • Lovely light coloured daydreaming sequence of Hikaru and Minmay together and her expressing some compassion (but fails to actually do this outside of her head)
  • And Zentradi attack… how about that (eh, Kaifun?)
  • Kamujin’s really going all out
  • Hikaru and Hayase have a brief by the balcony heart to heart regarding their recent discovery about the nature of the Zentradi and link to humans
  • Small (BIG?) victory for Kamujin

Episodes like the have me sympathize with Minmay, even though she probably doesn’t deserve it. I can’t begrudge her for only realizing her feelings for Hikaru this late though. She’s a simple singer, albeit a lovely one. Though she sings of love and often acts happy, she is demonstrably delayed in the thought department. Add a booked-out busy work schedule (with little room for sleep) on top of that, and it’s no wonder she hasn’t really reflected on where her heart was facing until now. It’s been pulled in so many other directions this whole time, that she’s hardly had a chance to stop, think, and feel for the object of her affection.

Episode 32 “Broken Heart”

10) No matter what happens, you're nothing but talk, aren't you

  • Jumping straight into the action with dogfights and missile attacks, I see
  • Kamujin’s certainly having fun
  • Minmay’s singing to Zentradi and raising their spirits high
  • And interrupted by Kamujin ‘The Idol Snatcher’ – oh and Kaifun also got captured (oh no…)
  • Love how composed Global is at the start of the video chat interaction with Kamujin – smoking on his pipe and being terse in his responses like a true badass leader
  • Don’t give in to his demands. Let Kaifun die. Save Minmay!
  • Lap’lamiz’s fascination with Kaifun’s body is hilarious – HA! She’s playing with him like a doll!
  • Ah! Kamujin gripped too tight while holding Minmay in his anger.
  • Oh, she’s still alive. Thank goodness.
  • Hayase mad again after informing Hikaru of the situation with Minmay – his voice of deep concern and relief for her really hit the jealousy nerve this time lol
  • Yeah, maybe trying to appeal to the captors that imprisoned you in the interest of acquiring a device that will allow them to grow a larger army for combative purposes… by preaching the pointlessness of war, isn’t the best strategy here, Kaifun (you just made Kamujin MAD… and horny?)
  • “Just when the culture was getting good” LMAO
  • A Valkyrie lighting a Zentradi’s cigarette is the single greatest thing to come from this show. Thank you, Kawamori. Thank you.

Kamujin’s fail is the viewer’s (my) win. Him playing right into Hikaru’s hands was too good. But was it too much to hope for Lap’lamiz to break Kaifun? I guess so…

Episode 33 “Rainy Night”

1) Thumbnail (rainy night)

  • Open on a regretful Hayase, reflecting on how she’s been acting towards Hikaru
  • Not to fret, my dear, for Claudia is here… with tea and advice
  • A grouchy and reluctant Hikaru returns
  • He’s really jerking it up this episode – “You’re not very feminine, are you?” “It must be stifling having to work under someone like her every day.” STOP. Just. Stop.
  • “You’re horrible.” + Walk-out from an unfairly treated Misa. Think on this, Lt. Ichijo.
  • Hikaru is SO DENSE, it hurts!
  • Who is this black-haired woman chatting up a storm of delicious gossip with Shammy and the others, and why hasn’t she been a more prominent character up until now?
  • Misa outside Hikaru’s house in the rain, thinking hard about going in… would have been romantic had it happened earlier / before the whole messy misunderstanding and Minmay affair. But here it doesn’t feel right.
  • She chose Claudia over Hikaru for the night. Excellent decision.
  • Story time – Claudia Chronicles us a Focker tale! (yesss)
  • Awesome Valkyrie construction imagery
  • Excited fly-tech nerd Focker is such a delight
  • Oh NOW you piece it together that Misa loves you, Hikaru? You dumbass… Took you long enough (too long if you ask me)

As much as I enjoy the battles, tensions and technological fanservice… I also rather like the love triangle, romantic drama, and pleasant downtime. Though a prominent feature of the series, Macross isn’t about war in the same way many other stories are. It’s about love and relationships and maturity. And while it can be frustrating to watch at times, there’s still a primordial essence to it that speaks to human nature surprisingly well.

Only three more episodes to go. Let’s pierce through the MACRO sky!

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