SDF Macross 10-12: A Demonstration of “Love”


A lot goes down in these three episodes. Most notably, production-wise, the animation has dropped significantly in quality, and character designs go off-model so often it’s almost funny. Continue reading “SDF Macross 10-12: A Demonstration of “Love””


SDF Macross 07-09: So, This is My Present

macross (ep 09) 4

This show just keeps bringing the goods. I mean it. There’s so far been only one episode totally without any fighting. If there is anything I highly commend this show for (beyond all the stuff I’ve mentioned in previous posts), it is its excellent pacing.

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SDF Macross 04-06: Hard (not) to Love


I think I’m beginning to see the appeal of this show now, if not, starting to enjoy it a good deal myself. There is much in the way for me to get over, as an overly spoiled more “modern” anime fan (as in most of what I have watched comes from the 90’s onwards): the animations, illustrations, etc etc all scream “datedness”.

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Re: Would Our Anime Heroes Enjoy Anime?

Ex-blogger extraordinaire ghostlightning wrote a post called ‘Would our anime heroes enjoy anime?’ back in 2008, and it wasn’t until my viewing of Re:Creators that I would give the idea much thought. Though had I read his post way back when, I’d probably have reflected on it a lot more because it’s such a fun and interesting concept. Go read his post if you haven’t already by the way, it’s an interesting and awesome read!

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