SDF Macross 19-21: Beautiful Place in My Heart

(20) Hikaru or Speed Racer

So much goodness is spread throughout these three episodes: awesome low angle cityscape view of the Macross ship passing overhead, many-a-machinations going on between the Zentradis, omnidirectional barrier exploding, and some significant turning points in the relationships between Minmay, Hikaru, and Hayase.

Episode 19 “Burst Point”


  • “Major Focker has died in battle.” That’s Skull Leader Major Focker to you!
  • Captain Global flying Macross over the city on Earth and getting reprimanded by the government is one way to start an ep
  • Request for civilians to disembark is especially reasonable now given that the gravity control system could very well malfunction with that many people on board
  • Global’s argument seems to have convinced some of the board members to authorize the request at least
  • Claire points out the leverage they have over the government – if Global were to rebel then the people (on Earth) would lose confidence in the UN
  • Global acting the awesome Captain he is – saying he’ll take full responsibility should they make matters worse
  • Claire is putting up quite the strong front after Focker’s sudden death
  • Oh sweet lovely Minmay… her singing voice and songs have transcended soaring heights from the earthly realm of endearing joyous amusement to soul-cleansingly angelic melodies! (what a leap)
  • Hikaru alone and lonely on the balcony on the other side of Claire reminiscing about Focker is one mood I can certainly relate to

(8) I'm alone and lonely

  • Hayase goes to console him but he seems to be taking it well – believing if he let himself mope about Focker would slap him good
  • Oh no, Hayase called Minmay Hikaru’s “girlfriend (why would you say such a thing when you love him so!)
  • Tired Minmay – oh poor dear, she’s passing out from exhaustion
  • The Zentradi are mad, or at least on of them is (Kamujin as usual lol), that they can’t attack Macross because of orders from their superiors
  • Milia asks to be a miclone spy (oh my god yeesss!)
  • Cue brag monologuing of her accomplishments and desires – wants to meet Max as a miclone (oh, it’s happening!)
  • Hikaru, Max, and [uh, why does his name keep escaping me I am so bad at this I’m sorry] meet by Focker’s jet – it’s Hikaru’s now lol (…/cry/)
  • While they go out for a night on the town, Kamujin is preparing to disobey orders once again and attack Macross
  • KAKIZAKI! That’s his name! – No steak for you today, sadly. It’s dogfighting time!
  • Lovely moment of Hikaru entering Focker’s Valkyrie with great respect and a nice sense of humour
  • Epic prep and lift-off shots (as always)
  • Hikaru is now officially the new Skull Leader! (what a long way he’s come)
  • Max really saved Kakizaki’s ass there (lol) – pay attention next time! This is war!
  • “Protecting people takes top priority!” – Damn right, Captain Global. I couldn’t agree more.
  • New barrier saves the day! (awesome energy field + deflection is awesome)
  • LOL Hikaru gets TOLD by Hayase for whining mid-battle

(24) Hikaru got TOLD

  • He’s seriously matured a lot though (like wow)
  • Things are getting tense, especially now that the barrier’s become unstable
  • That… wha-… so much just happened so fast… in such a short amount of time…
  • At least Macross survived

(26) Waiting room

While many other shows might be content with giving the characters (and viewers) the twenty or so minutes following a pretty devastating blow in the narrative (Focker dying), a bit of a break from any more daring struggles and shakes in the story, Macross is not, as a lot goes down in this episode: Claire and Hikaru mourn the loss of their departed friend/mentor in their own ways and press on despite the freshness of the sting left in their hearts, Captain Global’s desperate attempts at evacuating the civilians on board the Macross going from succession to rejection by the end, Milia appearing, and Minmay doesn’t let up with her singing – delivering pleasant song after pleasant song all in one episode.

Kaifun is remarkably not insufferable this episode and perhaps even somewhat respectable towards the end when he fires back at the reporters clamouring for a scoop on Minmay’s condition. He puts his judgmental talent to (debatably) good use by shaming the press for celebrity gawking in a time of crisis, when they should be helping to put an end to the fighting (ah, there’s the nagging naivité). Even one of the Zentradi spies resonates with his words and starts to question the meaning of all their war and fighting, notably after coming to find value and purpose in ordinary civilian life within Macross City. I have a feeling this will lead to some interesting developments later on.

Episode 20 “Paradise Lost”

(1) Energy field

  • “The Macross is now in a more painful situation than ever.”
  • News of the energy field has reached the Zentradi higher-ups already (oh no)
  • They seem to be apprehensive now (are they really afraid of what this new technology can do?)
  • Sweet circular hovering platform technology (Macross knows just what I like)
  • “1,200 ships might not be enough”?! – Either you’re severely underestimating the power and sheer force that large of a fleet can bring or you’re fear of the unknown (Macross’s new tech/weapon) has taken over

(6) Armada

  • Supply drop aplenty on Macross waters
  • “Macrossians” lol
  • Hikaru typing away to “Zero-go love” like–no, I can’t make jokes this time. Not when he’s writing letters of condolences and having such a tough time processing it.
  • Max voices concern they’ll be kicked off of Earth (would they really do something so severe though?)
  • The three spies have made a place to call home it seems, and are in high spirits eating beef stew and listening to Lynn Minmay’s song on the radio (lol)

(10) Laughing

  • Oh it’s a new song! (“Silver Moon”?), how grand!
  • Awww, they’re feeling down about having to go back and leave behind the girls they’ve fallen for on Macross
  • Nothing more menacing than a scowling Cpt. Global
  • They’ve been ordered to leave Earth?! For real?! DAMN
  • Hayase immediately heads straight for the whiskey (understandable)
  • Sneak away time for the three spies
  • Shammy whining about more enemy ships and being scolded by a room full of stares is priceless stuff
  • I love how Cpt. Global just growls after hearing there’s over 1,000 ships – it’s like the next evolution of “Too old for this shit”
  • Fucking UN is no help (selfish bastards)
  • All the Zentradi are scheming behind each other’s backs it seems (should be interesting to see how things develop)
  • Haha! The spies brought back souvenirs as evidence of culture for Britai and because they’re back to “normal size” (being a race of giants) things like TVs look comically small – brilliant, I love it
  • Britai is shocked to hear men and women are in constant contact with each other (his face lol)
  • Oh my god, they all secretly held onto a whole bunch of souvenirs – “Minmay holo-disc” being the top treasure, of course

(14) Minmay holo-disc

  • Now they’re handing out candy to the rest of the crew – this is the finest and dandiest Macross has ever been (lol)
  • RETURN OF THE MINMAY DOLL! – It just keeps getting better!
  • Global delivers his report live to the people of Macross in a franky, but still respectful manner (he tries his best to appease them, but loses composure and asks what he should do)
  • Minmay jumps in to help with a lovely morale-boosting speech (“Minmay knows just what to say”)
  • If I ever get sent to space, I want it to be to the tune of Minmay’s newest wonderful song here

(17) Minmay morale

It’s interesting to think about how fast Hikaru and Max have risen up in rank, yet are still fairly green. And now they have the responsibility of training and leading new recruits when they’ve only been doing this for little more than a year. Time really flies when you’re part of Team Macross, it seems.

Episode 21 “Micro Cosmos”

(1) happy minmay

  • “The Macross has been practically banished from Earth.” (you don’t have to rub it in – I’m sure the UN are regretting the decision and overcome with deep jealousy enough as is)
  • Party time! – Minmay’s at the balcony longing to see Hikaru (stop tugging at my heart! I’m a sworn Hikaru x Hayase fag, Macross)
  • Manager’s drinking vodka and Minmay admits aloud how tired she is of this kind of life (the work and loneliness is starting to feel too much for)
  • She lights up when she asks to reserve one seat for the next show though (I wonder who… karu)
  • Jamis the Villain appears with the most telegraphed wine spill in history (good reflexes, Minmay – not that you really needed them)
  • Minmay calls when Hikaru is out on recon duty and gets a bit pouty about it – she can’t seem to understand the importance of his duties (or maybe it’s the selfishness of love talking)
  • Hikaru only half listens to the message and leaves in excitement to ring Minmay back (of course the phone stops ringing the second before she arrives home lol)

(5) Sitting and thinking

  • It’s Milia! In human form! (yeesss!!)
  • She misjudges a long queue of people as “warriors” lol – quite a gathering
  • Hikaru’s there but Minmay doesn’t know that because he’s not in the reserved seat (dejected Minmay saddens me to see)
  • Humility suits Minmay well
  • Whispers of Kaifun and Minmay dating (ugh)
  • “Remember! Dancing in the sky, the silver wings… Shao Pai Long! Shao Pai Long!” love this song already
  • The Zentradi seem to have torrented the movie (Shao Pai Long) and immediately intuit it to be a “visual combat record” lol (space piracy at its finest)
  • The three spies are bragging to the rest of the crew how they got to see “the real Minmay, in the flesh!” and then claim to be her friends – Hahaha! Culture has well and truly infected the Zentradi
  • LMAO Britai and co. are sweating bullets now that they’ve seen Shao Pai Long (Kaifun) defeat a giant with a single kick!

(14) What - They have abilities like that!

  • Even though it’s just a movie, Minmany, gives her first ‘real’ kiss to Kaifun – Hikaru walks out on cue
  • Meanwhile the other Zentradi are learning through watching the act, the “warm feelings” culture stuff has to offer
  • The spies went from bragging to lying so fast – letting the others think they kissed Minmay not just once but MULTIPLE TIMES lol
  • Hikaru trips, but saves himself the fall thanks to Hayase’s ass catching his hands (he apologizes promptly and sincerely)
  • She grabs him by the arm and they make a break from the crowd (+2 respect for Hayase)

(16) No one respects military anymore!

  • Minmay almost falls and sees her savior (Kaifun) as Hikaru LOL (dramatic irony burn)
  • Milia passes by the man she’s looking for – Max notices her though (and I suspect taken quite the interest judging by the big grin and bright eyes)
  • Hikaru and Hayase are boxed in together; Hayase starts begging him to talk (she’s so lonely – come on, Hikaru, throw her a bone you insensitive ass!)
  • He teases her with a smile (hehehe)
  • Hayase calls Hikaru a “real commander” – you heard it here, folks! (even though she was laughing while saying it – it still counts!)

(21) Real commander

  • He yells “Cola!” at a mobile vending machine like a brilliant caveman, but goes ignored by the robotic servant (maybe next time, Skull Leader)
  • More teasing from Hikaru – this time of the Kaifun x Hayase brand, to which she does not seem all too happy hearing and shoots back with a harsh Minmay x Hikaru (oof)
  • Gentleman move from Hikaru with the napkin ready for those tears (+1 redemption)
  • So close to kissing – SO CLOSE!
  • At least they got the cola
  • Ahhhhhhhh, Hayase *wants* Hikaru to stay with her longer (be still my beating heart)

(23) You can check the hanger later, can't you

Hikaru doesn’t want Hayase to mention how awesome of a pilot Max is in front of him, not because he’s jealous of him (anymore), but because he doesn’t want Max getting too cocky in battle. He’s worried about losing another friend.

Meanwhile this show continues to tease me with oh so many awesome flags of love for my doomed ship. Stop playing with my feelings, Macross! I know what you’re up to!

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And once again, I direct your attention to the awesome and fascinating observations made by ghostlightning several years back [->]

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