Showing Some Character: Ohana Matsumae

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10 Years Later… Gurren Lagann: the legend lives on

Drill. Song. Robots. Manliness. Fighting spirit. More robots. Friendship. Rivalry. Love. Bigger robots. Bravery. Heroism. Hopes. Dreams. Hot-bloodedness. Drill. Song. Spiral power. Super robots. There is a lot of power in these ideas. Themes of hope, friendship, maturity, and evolution are very, very, very strong here. And the exorbitant visuals propel them forward, kicking reason to the curb, and going beyond the impossible!

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The Sincerity & Inauthenticity of the Heroes in My Hero Academia

This post isn’t intended to be a thorough reading of the text or its characters, concepts, and themes; but rather a light examination of those things. More specifically, the idea of heroes at odds with themselves.

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Close the Curtains On Higurashi: Not Sure If I Loved It, But Could’ve Been Much Worse

Why did it take me so long to finish watching Higurashi? I remember watching the first season over two years ago, because it felt appropriate for October. 

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10 Years Later… Code Geass: mecha with heart

Code Geass is a really entertaining show that charmed me like nothing else back in the day. At the time I was not prepared for the complexity of the characters and epic story. I say complexity, but what I really mean is simple, yet nuanced. There are many layers to Code Geass that, if you’re not a fan, I doubt you’ll care to notice or appreciate as much as I do. However, this is not to say that I think those who do not enjoy it in this way (or at all) are invalid in their experience and reading of the text.

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Showing Some Character: Chitose Karasuma

I like Chitose Karasuma. I don’t mean her treatment of her brother necessarily (she’s unappreciative, mooches off of him, and outright dismissive of the work he does for her), nor her disregard for her friend’s care and loyalty toward her (she doesn’t appreciate Yae’s kindness, and pays no respect or acknowledgment for her praise). 

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