I thought Buckaroo Banzai was supposed to be a fun movie

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So I Watched The Big Lebowski and…

So I just got done watching The Big Lebowski and had a slight headache, alongside multiple noise-related interruptions throughout. Not to say it was a bad movie, or an outright terrible first-time experience watching it, but suffice it to say there was mild disruption slowing down my enjoyment of the film.

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Good Feels (Courtesy of Ponyo)

Ponyo is an irrepressibly joyful movie. It’s just so wonderful and gorgeous to look at. You get a bubbly feeling watching it because it fully embraces its positive emotions, and through unbelievably beautiful visuals uses its art and animation to amazing effect in making these happy and joyous emotions felt.

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Should you watch: Street Fighter II?

Feel free to ignore this if you’ve already seen the movie, especially if you think of it in a high regard. I cannot relate to any feelings of nostalgia here, and I did not watch the dubbed version either, so any extra appeal others may get from it were non-existent in my viewing experience.

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On the Topic of “Horror”


There seems to be this common misconception that horror’s sole purpose is to terrify its audience, typically with the idea of making them jump in reaction to something startling. But horrors won’t scare everybody, and if you look back on a lot of classic horrors, they’re snore-fests for today’s audience (excluding Japanese movies, because what the fuck Japan? You’re too good at horror).

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Thoughts On John Wick 2

John Wick: Chapter 2 is the kind of action movie I want to see thrive and re-ignite a wave of more competently made action movies. It has a strong opening, a great understanding of camera composition and focus, and a tight grip on choreographed action sequences. I’m not kidding when I say this movie is very close to being non-stop action. Not only are the fight scenes clear and easy-to-follow on account of the action geography being executed phenomenally, but they’re really creative too. Hand-to-hand combat involves holds, flips, and targeting vital areas as quickly as possible. Gunfights vary between what is essentially video game shootouts to gun martial arts, or “gun-fu”. And knife fights are still as unnerving to watch as ever.

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Thoughts on LEGO Batman

Despite my burnout from Suicide Squad, I was actually looking forward to seeing LEGO Batman, since I liked The LEGO Movie. I was hoping it would redeem WB’s previous attempts at comic book movies. Boy, was I naive. Unfortunately, LEGO Batman has become the final nail in the coffin between me and WB’s adaptations of the DC Universe.

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