My name is Humble Ace, or just Ace.

I’m a blogger currently only in passion. I consume, engage with, and write about different kinds of media, but primarily anime. Though, this blog is mostly concerned with anime and its culture permeated by my personal experiences and interests, I am broadeningĀ the scope of topics.

Expect analyses, critiques, editorials, personal pieces, recommendations, and rants about anime, television series, video games, and other media. It’s a collective process of personal feelings under the lens of an analytical eye for detail and substance in a work. Understanding why something is great makes it all the more substantial to highlight as worth discussing and learning from.

The articles here are meant to inspire participation and discussion. You do me a big favour by commenting, getting in on the discourse, and letting me know what you think. I’d like you all to become more active readers.

While there are a few posts here labelled ‘reviews’, I do not see myself as a guardian of quality. Though I may recommend or endorse the things I write about, my kind of criticism is more to do with exploring certain elements of what I write about, expound upon it and invite you to participate in the discussion and celebration here.

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Hope you find something worth reading here.