Showing Some Character: Ohana Matsumae

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Showing Some Character: Chitose Karasuma

I like Chitose Karasuma. I don’t mean her treatment of her brother necessarily (she’s unappreciative, mooches off of him, and outright dismissive of the work he does for her), nor her disregard for her friend’s care and loyalty toward her (she doesn’t appreciate Yae’s kindness, and pays no respect or acknowledgment for her praise). 

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Showing Some Character: Aguri (Gamers!)

Returning to this column here, where I look into a character from anime or manga that made an impression on me. Though I don’t have a strict regimen for this series, I would like to lean more generously on side characters over main ones, and not even necessarily characters I will obviously like – though those could (and have) also land a spot on one of these. This exercise is sort of intended to lead me to appreciating characters I presently do not.

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“Thank you! Fuck you! The star is here!” – Day 24: Best Anime Antagonist

I’m not really here to discuss what makes a great anime villain or antagonist. I don’t believe there’s any single answer to that. You can have ones that are just downright evil and despicable with their menace carrying them to the top where they loom over as a powerful and intimidating force not to be reckoned with. And you can also have ones who act great as foils or opposites to the hero or protagonist, and are endearing for their charisma and complexity. The important thing in every case is that they’re believable to the viewer. I can buy into these characters because they’re interesting or sympathetic or just too entertaining to question otherwise.

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What Do Your Waifus Mean To You? – Day 21: Anime Crush

I feel the cooker pressure is on a lot hotter and earlier than I expected in writing a ‘mai waifu’ post. Needless to say, the pressure this challenge puts on me makes for rushed and uninteresting content (sorry). And while this has produced some posts I’m fairly pleased with, there are some I feel I’ve done an injustice and could really do with a revision someday down the line. This is one of those.

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Showing Some Character: Misaki Nakahara

This is a new series I’m trying out. No promises on making this a scheduled thing, but it’s something I could see myself doing more of in the future. I’ll be looking at characters from anime and manga that resonated with me or I found interesting in some way, or even be kind to some characters I don’t particularly like but maybe had a few instances of surprise growth or intrigue to them.

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