Sorry For Holding You Off: Spice & Wolf


“With spring comes renewed energy” is what I would say if I had started watching this show in Spring instead of Summer. Nevertheless, the pilot episode of “Spice & Wolf” still succeeds in evoking a strong sense of the season in all its sweet, inviting grace.

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Time To Dive Into The Most Hyped Show Of The Season (I Finally Check Out Megalo Box)


Late to the party, I know.

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Should you watch: Street Fighter II?

Feel free to ignore this if you’ve already seen the movie, especially if you think of it in a high regard. I cannot relate to any feelings of nostalgia here, and I did not watch the dubbed version either, so any extra appeal others may get from it were non-existent in my viewing experience.

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Thanks for the Nightmare Fuel: End of Evangelion

Often I avoid discussing a lot of popular works, because they’ve been explored so much by so many others for such a long time that I don’t feel like I’d have anything to contribute to the discussion. Neon Genesis Evangelion is one such example, but more specifically I’m here to unravel the experience I had watching it’s conclusion: End of Evangelion. Perhaps I’m not as intimate with this series as many others seem to be, but I do find it both very fascinating and incredibly frightening to watch and talk about. So, I’m going to assume you’ve watched both and in reading this, already have a greater understanding of them than I do. If not, spoilers.

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