Nothing Personal – Day 23: Most Hated Character

Nothing to see here, carry on.

What, you’re staying? Seriously? O-Okay. But let it be known that I gave you fair warning. I’ve nothing good to say about any of these characters. You understand that, right? Fine. Suit yourself. Don’t expect me to justify myself here though. I have nothing but contempt for these characters and words alone are not enough to express that.

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100th Post: Going Merry On My Way To Thousand Sunny

It’s hard to believe I’m writing my 100th post already. It still feels like I’m only starting out. The Humble Ace blog has been around for about seven months now, and I’m very happy for making it when I did, because it led me to become a part of this amazing community. There’s been an awesome amount of support, interest, and commentary from fellow bloggers, whom I want to thank for their likes, comments, and shares on this journey. Reading and commenting on others’ blogs has been a humbling experience in and of itself, so much so that I kind of wish I had started lurking around blogs before I decided to make one myself.

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So Damn Beautiful – Day 16: Favourite Fantasy / Supernatural Anime

Past the halfway point in this challenge now. Favourite fantasy and supernatural anime, hmm. Considering my preference of genre is generally more inclined to lean on these two in particular, I’m already fairly certain about my picks as quite a few of my favourite anime are from these genres. Though that means I’ll have less to say about them when it comes to picking my favourite anime later in this challenge, but I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

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Behind the Characters – Day 10: Favourite Seiyuu

While there are quite a few talents in voice acting I consider among my favourites I’d love to mention besides ones from anime, the use of the word “seiyuu” for this challenge (meaning “voice actor”) will be decidedly interpreted as only Japanese voice actors that use their talents in the anime industry. 

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Breaking Down Borders in Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from Borderlands is one of the most charming games I’ve ever played and one of the most fun experiences I’ve had playing a game in quite some time. I’d go as far to say that it’s the strongest standing game Telltale Games has to offer, and perhaps even the best decision Gearbox has made with the Borderlands IP.

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Strike a Pose! – Day 8: Favourite Anime Artwork / Directing

This one seems rather unclear to me. Is it asking for my favourite anime aesthetic, character design, artist, or director?

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“You don’t make anime by yourself!” – Day 7: Favourite Animation Studio

To be honest, while I am decently familiar with who made what in terms of both studios and the interchangeable staff between them, I haven’t really reflected much on what studio exudes a particular fanboy confidence in me.

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