Are Any of My Favourite Shows Really My ‘Favourites’?

This is something that’s been bugging me for a while now. The feeling I get when I reflect upon what I have marked down as my favourite anime. As someone who subscribes to the idea that for something to be a favourite it should Continue reading “Are Any of My Favourite Shows Really My ‘Favourites’?”


LISTEN TO MY ANIME! Vol.4: Toradora! (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Today, with a charging heart for anime, romance, and my ability to remember love for a show that I dedicate much of my newfound fondness for the aforementioned genre, I present two songs from Toradora! that Continue reading “LISTEN TO MY ANIME! Vol.4: Toradora! (Happy Valentine’s Day!)”

Bakuon!! Meets Blogging: On Understanding Our Hobbies

While Bakuon is very much about motorcycles and the culture surrounding that, it can also easily be viewed as a commentary on hobbies in general, as the conversations that arise are ones we’re all familiar with, and likely have had ourselves.

Continue reading “Bakuon!! Meets Blogging: On Understanding Our Hobbies”