LISTEN TO MY ANIME! Vol.9: Again by Yui

Live performances for anime songs are very often delightful, and this one is no exception.

It’s so nice to be able to put a face to the beautiful voice behind the song. Yui is a pretty amazing rockin’ angel, even especially on stage. I don’t know what year this one is from, but I get the sense it’s an early live performance, possibly even her first, based on the nervousness in her expression and voice.

It doesn’t stop it from being awesome though. As Yui still manages to sing her heart out and deliver a lovely, stellar performance.

I think I like the next one more, if only for the awesomeness that is hearing the audience clap along in unison. But maybe also because the smaller crowd and space makes the song feel more intimate. Appropriate, given that the song itself sounds quite personal. Though I’m sure you could make a case for the audio quality and lighting and compare the two live shows in any number of technical ways. But simply put, I would say the atmosphere of the latter does the song more justice, in my personal opinion.

This is still my favourite opening out of the entire series. And Yui’s cute performances only serve to exalt that view. She was around 22 at this performance (a year older than me as of writing this now), and already shining on stage. Nothing short of spectacular.

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