20 Years Later… Berserk: no blame, no shame

I don’t know what compelled me to finally dig up the grounds of anime legacy and unearth this series, apart from perhaps a give-in to my long felt build up of guilt for having not watched such a classic. But I’m glad I did, because it was, despite some of its arguably dated aspects, an engrossing watch. Berserk is, I feel, a rarity, in that it doesn’t play around and try to bullshit the viewer. No, it treats you as it treats Guts. Like. A. Fucking. Adult.

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Good Feels (Courtesy of Ponyo)

Ponyo is an irrepressibly joyful movie. It’s just so wonderful and gorgeous to look at. You get a bubbly feeling watching it because it fully embraces its positive emotions, and through unbelievably beautiful visuals uses its art and animation to amazing effect in making these happy and joyous emotions felt.

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Should you watch: Street Fighter II?

Feel free to ignore this if you’ve already seen the movie, especially if you think of it in a high regard. I cannot relate to any feelings of nostalgia here, and I did not watch the dubbed version either, so any extra appeal others may get from it were non-existent in my viewing experience.

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The (not so) Small Ways Attack on Titan Appealed to 16-y/o Me

This post isn’t intended to be a serious look at the show, my (current) opinion of the show, or any substantial insight of it and the fandom surrounding it, but rather just a little exercise in scratching at the young lad in me who was able to get something out of it, whether that be for good or ill. I’m not here to comment on whether it is good or not or if it’s popularity is a good thing or not either. Consider this just a brief reflection piece.

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Made in Abyss: a beautiful descent

This post serves merely as an indulgence for art in terms of setting and world-building of the beautiful backdrops in Made in Abyss. I promise no technical expertise in my observations, just an appreciation of what I consider some of the best background art I’ve seen in anime.

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Flip Flap Flip Flop

Before I begin, let me make a few things clear. I do not hate Flip Flappers. And I also do not begrudge anyone for liking the show. It is not a terrible show by any stretch, but at the same time it is not something I was able to enjoy. Beginning not so strong and only mostly going downhill until it teters off at the end, I found it hard to find a reason to invest in anything, not for the lack of trying, and ultimately didn’t feel it was worth my time. Spoilers ahead.

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