(a night sky full of cries hearts filled with lies

the contract–is it worth the price?

a soul pledged to the darkness

now I’ve lost it, I know I can kill

the truth is just beyond the Gate)

I remember Darker Than Black as being this really cool action series with some awesome superpower/fantasy elements that sorta played out like a cop-drama. Much of the soundtrack is composed by Yoko Kanno, who as expected, delivers high-tier unique sounds and an OST that gets no complaints from me.

But the¬†Abingdon Boys School is the band behind the insanely awesome opening theme that’s been tattooed on my mind ever since I first heard it in my earlier anime days. Always a super cool choice. It blew my mind as a teenager. And it still remains one of my favourite songs. Thrilling high tempo and screaming vocals. They killed it.

From Tokyo, Japan 2010

Their energy is really something spectacular. And I really dig the band’s style, which apparently harkens back to the 1980s hair-band era Van Halen and edgier ’90s rock outfits (such as Jane’s Addiction). Takanori Nishikawa totally owns the performance.

Just HOWLING in the shadows …


Abingdon Boys School

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