Literally. There’s fire. Holy shit.

I can feel it.

Jesus. The lungs on these guys. Wow. Hot damn. It doesn’t feel as powerful as when I listen to the OP on a jog or a run, but still… impressive and GAR as fuck. I can’t imagine what it must be like singing in this situation, but I have a feeling it’s at least a tad more difficult than it would be without the ring of fire; what with the heat and all and there being less oxygen to breathe.

Despite my lack of singing talent and/or practice, I still foolishly aim to learn this song someday, knowing full well that I’ll probably blow out my voice and destroy my throat in the process. But what I can say, it gets my blood pumping and makes me feel like I can conquer any obstacles in my path. And to me, that’s a marker of a great performance.

The lights here are insane. Just look at that stage, it’s like staring at the sun. And what a turnout–a sea of reverence in red polka-dot formation oscillating like party lobsters. Really cool how they’re trying to move their glow sticks in rhythm with the performance. Rad stuff.

Considering how this song always gets my adrenaline going whenever it comes on, it seems that there’s good reason the band is called “JAM Project”.

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