LISTEN TO MY ANIME! Vol. 6: Out of Control

Here’s more anime music for you! This time I present the track from the second OP of Psycho-Pass, performed live and acoustic in an incredibly awesome fashion with the band, Nothing’s Carved in Stone, looking really stylish and cool up on stage. This is one of the most fun tracks from the show, and you can see it on the lead singer’s (Takanori Ohkita) face as he starts laughing from having such a good time performing in front of the engrossed sea of hands waving and gesturing with great satisfaction.

I don’t know what it is about this track in particular that makes it so cool to me. Rock and alternative rock are genres of music I generally consider to be solid sources of delivering cool sounds and messages to my eardrums (and SOUL). But there’s something especially cool about Out of Control that digs deep into the core of my being and sends shock waves of excitement throughout. It gets me so pumped I can feel my brain light up every time it’s on.

And here’s the shorter episodic version, which I consider more ROCKING than the full version. Perhaps because I feel the brevity and bluntness of it makes it more striking and powerful of an experience. Either way, I still enjoyed the live performance a whole lot and wish I was there.


Rockin’ band. Rockin’ song. Rockin’ time. All around, awesome stuff.

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