Happy (Belated) Birthday, Son Goku – “Ore Wa Tokoton Tomaranai!”

Son Goku’s birthday was yesterday. There’s a new Dragon Ball movie coming out at the end of this year. And my inner fanboy has awakened once again.

I know I haven’t made much mention about my feelings regarding Dragon Ball (something I am very interested in doing), but suffice it to say, I’m a huge fan. Not so huge that I’m willing to tolerate Super, mind you. Which is part of the title for the upcoming movie: “Dragon Ball Super Movie”. This doesn’t hurt my excitement, honestly. Despite the minimal amount of content shown so far, one look at the key visuals and animation has me absolutely exuberant.

But you know what would really make the movie ROCK in my book? If it had this song:

Awesome fan edit is awesome:

Yes, the opening song to Budokai 3 (aka my introduction to the series as a whole). If this could somehow end up in the film – not necessarily during the fights (though I’d love to hear it swell up with the action in the climactic duel) – but even just having it play at the beginning or once the credit roll hits… I could go a step farther if I wanted to, but this alone would make this fanboy beyond happy.

It would probably take some pretty hard-hitting news to wipe the enormous smile off my face after hearing Hironobu Kageyama’s GAR voice blasting through the speakers during the movie.

Kageyama is so lively and elated you’d be forgiven for thinking he was a fanboy himself. I’d certainly like to believe he is. He just naturally rocks the look.

If you weren’t moved by either of the mind-blowing displays of awesomeness above, you’re no Dragon Ball fan! This is just my selfish wish for the new Dragon Ball movie. Take my energy if you need to, Goku. I want to be rocked TO THE VERY ENDS OF THE GALAXY!

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