LISTEN TO MY ANIME! Vol.5: Hacking to the Gate

Time for more anime music! Here we have the Steins;Gate OP sung by Itou Kanako both live and from the show proper, respectively. It’s interesting to hear the differences between the two performances. In the original there’s a lot more polish and there’s more room for breathing and such. Whereas live, you can see Kanako getting fairly tired, if not already from the start, and the echo from the speakers certainly isn’t doing her justice. Though that’s probably more of a recording issue than anything to do with her performance. But I think she sings it pretty darn well, all things considered.

I may not be feeling the emotions anywhere near as strongly as I do for the TV version of the song, but bless her heart. It’s so lovely to see her excited to sing to an audience and having such a good time doing it.


Yes, my preference is undoubtedly for the show’s version of this emotionally intense track. Even without the visuals from the OP, I feel it is a far more effective performance overall. I think the song loses a good deal of its melancholy and high hitting bittersweet notes when placed in a live/recording of a live performance. Whereas with the production values delivered from the show, the music and sounds accompanying the lyrics adds so much atmosphere and emotion to the whole thing. And the vocals shine so much brighter as a result.

Despite my attempt, it’s not something I can really explain in terms of music theory (at least not currently). I just FEEL it: the energy, the passion, the intensity, the swirling vortex of emotions that has my eyes, heart, and mind crying out after being touched by its poignant profundity. And as a song tied to feelings of loneliness, sorrow, anguish and desperation, it feels very intimate and personal. So naturally, I think it makes sense for me to favour the song from the show over the live performance (sorry, Itou Kanako, but Itou Kanako did it best).

What else can I say? If you really want to know what I’m feeling and be moved in the same way then LISTEN TO MY ANIME!

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