LISTEN TO MY ANIME! Vol. 6: Out of Control

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Are Any of My Favourite Shows Really My ‘Favourites’?

This is something that’s been bugging me for a while now. The feeling I get when I reflect upon what I have marked down as my favourite anime. As someone who subscribes to the idea that for something to be a favourite it should Continue reading “Are Any of My Favourite Shows Really My ‘Favourites’?”

Moments of 2017: Anime From Another Time (Years)

2017 has been an eventful year for me in the world of anime. I don’t think I’m even scratching the surface with the shows I’ve listed here, compared to everything I’ve watched this year (even excluding the ones from 2017). But these are the ones that made the biggest impression on me.

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Psycho-Pass’s Dominators Are Cool

Psycho-Pass as a whole interests on a conceptual level. But there’s one aspect in particular I’d like to draw special attention to, and that is the weapon used by the Inspectors and Enforcers in the series, the Dominator. 

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