Moments of 2017: Misunderstandings Galore in Gamers!

Memory is a fickle thing. And while I enjoyed my time with Gamers well and good, there wasn’t that many moments that stuck out to me as something I could point at and say “That’s a highlight of the year, right there!”. I still don’t think I can say that about any of them now.

Gamers - 02 - Large 19
The scene on the bridge took me by surprise though

I did, however, already mention a few moments pertaining to a certain character a couple months ago. And perhaps I found something terribly delicious to enjoy in the final episode. That is, Aguri’s outsider critical analysis of DLC in video games. It was a delightful and painfully relatable time. Watching her make innocent counterpoints against the expense and time the others dedicate to (certain) games was really cathartic for me; someone who has spent a ridiculous amount of time playing games I tolerated or didn’t enjoy at all.

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And the show even goes as far as to incorporate the characters’ reasons for why they like (certain) games and Aguri’s lighthearted criticisms of them into some hot springs’ hangout scenes. Which perhaps makes it one of the most interesting takes on the setting, and the closest it comes to having something to say about video games.


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