Moments in Anime 2017: A Continuum of Hilarity in KonoSuba S2

The first season of KonoSuba left quite a mark on me when it came out. But its second season from this year left a much bigger impression, being one of the most rewarding experiences as an anime fan this year.

I’m amazed that such a ridiculously funny anime that plays up its one-off jokes as actual characterization and world-building to absurdly awesome degrees exists. From its goofy and charming reactions (oh how I love them, they’re so amazing) to the aesthetic and richness of the environments and background art, to its remarkable timing of jokes and the ability to keep making them bigger, and bigger, building off one another like a boulder of hilarious narrative progression rolling with rapid momentum.


Colour me incredibly impressed! And picking a particular moment from KonoSuba’s second season seems impossible to me, because it all bleeds together so well that the moments stop becoming moments and just feel like a domino effect made of side-splitting awesome.

And let me just say that any moment could have ended up here. You could tell me your favourite moment, and it be a different one, and I’d go “Yeah! That moment was fucking awesome!” and someone else could do the same, and I’d be inclined to agree with them as well, and so on. However I had to decide on one, and that is the trial scene from the first episode.


Oft I think and speak with hyperbole

This is where KonoSuba gets me

Animated and fun; What a lively bunch

Here is where they act accordingly


Stupid and selfish; Kazuma gets charged

Accused of reckless righteousness

But just when things are cleared

His actions are made libelous


Faces of hope and fear

Expressions that opposite of cheer

Showered with worry and doubt

Kazuma realizes he’s been sold out


Shocked and desperate to be understood

Comforting words; ‘You just got to trust us!’

Testimonials are given and it’s not looking good

“Give Me Deliverance from this Judicial Injustice!”

One thought on “Moments in Anime 2017: A Continuum of Hilarity in KonoSuba S2”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the second season of Konosuba. For me it was rather lackluster… :/ I thought the first episode was great but my excitement dwindled as the story went onward. I found myself not laughing all that much, which was a real letdown for me. I still have a positive feeling about it but it was rather “meh” for me.

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