Are Any of My Favourite Shows Really My ‘Favourites’?

This is something that’s been bugging me for a while now. The feeling I get when I reflect upon what I have marked down as my favourite anime. As someone who subscribes to the idea that for something to be a favourite it should Continue reading “Are Any of My Favourite Shows Really My ‘Favourites’?”


10 Years Later… Gurren Lagann: the legend lives on

Drill. Song. Robots. Manliness. Fighting spirit. More robots. Friendship. Rivalry. Love. Bigger robots. Bravery. Heroism. Hopes. Dreams. Hot-bloodedness. Drill. Song. Spiral power. Super robots. There is a lot of power in these ideas. Themes of hope, friendship, maturity, and evolution are very, very, very strong here. And the exorbitant visuals propel them forward, kicking reason to the curb, and going beyond the impossible!

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Schrodinger’s Anime

Apart from the dub vs sub debate, the argument about what is anime and what isn’t remains unceasing in its pointless triviality within the anime community. Relentless disputes over the same shows persisting throughout the years, and applying the same discord to newer shows becomes wearisome to listen to after years of enduring it. And you might think that simply choosing not to visit the forums and sites where these types of “conversations” are commonplace, but these sort of discussions are everywhere. Wherever anime goes, controversy follows. That’s what I’ve learned. It’s not enough to deter me away from the medium, but it does get tedious after a hearing the same empty exchanges of frivolous nonsense for years on end.

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