RWBY (Fandom) & Shipping


Edit: This was originally part of my “The Appeal of Shipping” post, but ended up becoming another rant that was too long (and got in the way of what was supposed to be a “positive post”) and might have spiralled out of control.

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Honest Opinions About RWBY

I want to preface this personal piece of mine, by stating that this is not a review, nor is it a recommendation to watch the series. I am not trying to convince anyone to watch RWBY, rather I just want to express my feelings and personal attachment toward the show, while trying to communicate what it is about RWBY that appeals to me and others. However, if I do manage to convince you to try it out, I won’t discourage you either.

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Weiss So Serious

While I love many of the characters in RWBY, this post is a blend of an analysis and a love letter to both one particular character and the show. Also, while I have done my fair share of scrutinizing in preparation for this piece, I should mention that I did not originate all of the points raised, and I will leave links to other analyses of the character throughout the post (notable credit to KuuLightwing and ASouthernRussian). It should also be noted that my favoritism towards this character does not mean I have anything against other’s personal prized favourites, and I encourage comments on why you’re fond of whichever character(s). With that out of the way, be prepared for a very long post.

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Needs More Ice Cream

Body language says a lot about a character, especially for a mute character like Neo from RWBY. Named after her neapolitan look, and nicknamed “ice cream girl” by the community, she’s cute and deadly, taunting, yet adorably cocky and the motherfucking queen of sass, in defiance of her absence of speech. Able to express a ton of character purely through nonverbal communication, her gestures alone are enough to convey a mocking grace to her opponent.

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Schrodinger’s Anime

Apart from the dub vs sub debate, the argument about what is anime and what isn’t remains unceasing in its pointless triviality within the anime community. Relentless disputes over the same shows persisting throughout the years, and applying the same discord to newer shows becomes wearisome to listen to after years of enduring it. And you might think that simply choosing not to visit the forums and sites where these types of “conversations” are commonplace, but these sort of discussions are everywhere. Wherever anime goes, controversy follows. That’s what I’ve learned. It’s not enough to deter me away from the medium, but it does get tedious after a hearing the same empty exchanges of frivolous nonsense for years on end.

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