Oh, My Fanboy Heart – Day 30: My Favourite Anime

Because I already mentioned many of my favourite shows a ton of times throughout the course of this challenge I will be excluding many picks for this reason, especially in the case of my picks for the favourite [insert genre] categories. Just for the sake of clarity, however, I will list these shows here.

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Marvel in Awe – Day 29: My Highest Rated Anime

What is the distinction supposed to be between these last two exactly? I mean what’s the difference between my highest rated anime and my favourite anime? Would it not make sense for those to be the same? I find this objectionable for being so loose and undefined, but I’ll play along and just pretend that this is one I have less a personal connection to and more just think of really highly.

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Bring It Back! – Day 28: Anime I Wish Never Ended

Many of us have had those moments when we’re watching something and reach it’s ending and evoke a reaction among the lines of “No no no. Don’t do this to me. I NEED you in my life, show!” or something similar, essentially having grown so attached to the characters, story, and world of the show that you feel tragically ripped apart from them once it reaches its denouement. I imagine I’ve had experiences of this variety before, but I’ve learned it’s better to end on a high note than to see something you love return for the worse. Hence my apprehension with my picks.

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Thanks for the Memories – Day 27: Favourite Anime Movie

As with previous posts in this challenge, reflecting on my lists has made me realize I still have a lot of anime I need to watch. I feel like I haven’t seen enough lesser known or obscure titles to have among my favourites so I can list them here and lavish praise about anime many might not have seen or heard of. In due time I suppose.

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Rule of Cool? Rule of GAR? Screw the Rules! I AM THE RULES! – Day 26: Favourite Male Protagonist

This spot isn’t about who the coolest, manliest, or most powerful of male leads is, no, this is about the ones that I either closely relate to or find exceptionally interesting. Again, there’s so many to choose from that it’s hard for me to give every character I’d like to talk about a spot on this list to discuss, but there’s always time to examine them at a later date.

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“I love the kind of woman that can kick my ass.” – Day 25: Favourite Female Protagonist

This challenge is getting harder. Picking a favourite character doesn’t get easier when you split my options by two. Though it does allow me the opportunity to list more, it’s not much easier narrowing down my choices, since there’s so many characters I love or think are interesting, but just don’t occur to me when prompted. If I spent more time thinking about them, I’m sure some could wind up becoming a favourite of mine, but given the time constraint I’m placing on myself to write these I don’t have that luxury at the moment.

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“Thank you! Fuck you! The star is here!” – Day 24: Best Anime Antagonist

I’m not really here to discuss what makes a great anime villain or antagonist. I don’t believe there’s any single answer to that. You can have ones that are just downright evil and despicable with their menace carrying them to the top where they loom over as a powerful and intimidating force not to be reckoned with. And you can also have ones who act great as foils or opposites to the hero or protagonist, and are endearing for their charisma and complexity. The important thing in every case is that they’re believable to the viewer. I can buy into these characters because they’re interesting or sympathetic or just too entertaining to question otherwise.

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