Nothing Personal – Day 23: Most Hated Character

Nothing to see here, carry on.

What, you’re staying? Seriously? O-Okay. But let it be known that I gave you fair warning. I’ve nothing good to say about any of these characters. You understand that, right? Fine. Suit yourself. Don’t expect me to justify myself here though. I have nothing but contempt for these characters and words alone are not enough to express that.

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Kiss Kiss, Fall in Love – Day 22: Favourite Romantic Couple

Writing this list in particular has made me realize I need to watch more anime, because while there are probably many I would consider great out of shows I haven’t watched, there aren’t many out of the ones I have watched. When it comes to this topic, the top lists and discussions I’ll see are filled to the brim with picks, answers and (awesome) reasons about characters I don’t really know from shows I have yet to experience myself.

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What Do Your Waifus Mean To You? – Day 21: Anime Crush

I feel the cooker pressure is on a lot hotter and earlier than I expected in writing a ‘mai waifu’ post. Needless to say, the pressure this challenge puts on me makes for rushed and uninteresting content (sorry). And while this has produced some posts I’m fairly pleased with, there are some I feel I’ve done an injustice and could really do with a revision someday down the line. This is one of those.

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Watching Over You – Day 20: Favourite Supporting Character

Perhaps one of the most confusing and difficult to assess categories for this challenge. Going by what MAL lists as main and supporting cast for help in figuring this one out. This is where I really start to bend, break and cheat the supposed “rules” of this challenge. Not that anyone has been complaining up until now, but I just wanted to give a heads up that I’m about to get really greedy with my choosings from here on out.

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More Than For The Lulz – Day 19: Favourite Comedic Character

I’ll be interpreting this one as favourite comic relief character in anime, even though that may not be why I personally like them myself. The character being comic relief may be part of what I find interesting and entertaining about them, but there has to be more to it than just that for me to consider them among my favourites. Maybe they make me chuckle here and there, but most importantly these characters brighten my day in some way. 

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Make a Contract, Make a Friend – Day 18: Favourite Animal Sidekick, Pet or Summons

Without taking Pokémon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh duel monsters into consideration, this one is more or less a no-brainer, since it’s not the sort of character that’s particularly familiar or memorable enough for me to have a favourite, let alone a wide selection of favourites. Though now that I think about it, I’m tempted to exploit the technicality of the word “summons” here. Anyway, this will be a short one.

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100th Post: Going Merry On My Way To Thousand Sunny

It’s hard to believe I’m writing my 100th post already. It still feels like I’m only starting out. The Humble Ace blog has been around for about seven months now, and I’m very happy for making it when I did, because it led me to become a part of this amazing community. There’s been an awesome amount of support, interest, and commentary from fellow bloggers, whom I want to thank for their likes, comments, and shares on this journey. Reading and commenting on others’ blogs has been a humbling experience in and of itself, so much so that I kind of wish I had started lurking around blogs before I decided to make one myself.

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