Here Come The Recommendations – Day 3: Most Underrated Anime

Underrated anime? While I don’t subscribe to the idea of overrated or underrated works, since how the reception of what I enjoy doesn’t impact my ability to continually engage with, take pleasure from, and appreciate it… I will entertain the thought in the sense that there are some works I would recommend to others that maybe not a lot of people old / new to anime might have seen.

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“Baka! Hentai!” – Day 2: Anime I’m (not) Ashamed I Enjoyed

Second day, different theme: guilt. Here is where I break away from the mold a bit. There’s no anime I’m ashamed that I enjoyed. Rather there are anime that may be at odds with my current tastes in anime that I enjoyed watching. Would I go back and watch them? Probably not. Though there are a few that I will likely revisit, and may have a different attitude towards when I get back to them. I find this feeling of guilt objectionable.

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So, So Much To Choose From – Day 1: Anime I Want to Watch

Day one asks me to list the anime I want to watch, which to give a quick answer would be “almost all of them”. I imagine that’s not a serviceable answer, and I feel the same way, which is why I’ll just list the anime on my top priority to watch for this year, rather than listing every single anime I have any interest in watching, considering that would range from the hundreds to the thousands of shows and movies out there. My PTW list gets bigger and bigger everyday it seems, so forgive me for not being able to narrow this down to one choice. Or two. Or ten.

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Legendary Girl A: Comiket Veteran

As observed by Kagami, Konata’s intellect and passion truly shine here in this episode when she is in her own environment of expertise; in this case the Comiket convention. Even for a regular attendee, Konata’s level of preparation for this massive event is extremely impressive.

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30 Day Anime Challenge – No One Asked For It, But Here It Is

Here’s a fun little exercise many other ani-bloggers seem to be doing, and have been doing for quite some time now. Thought it’d be interesting to try my hand at one myself, and see if I can make something worth reading out of it (results may vary).

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Moe Awesomeness: Anime Tenchou in Lucky Star, Nani!?

Now I’ve become increasingly familiar with anime references, whether it be through personal experience having seen the show, or via screen-caps, memes and word of mouth. Lucky Star is a show that is jam-packed full of references, and in the case of sharing staff members who worked on Haruhi, can be very, very meta about it. 

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Losing & Regaining (Otaku) Passion

Kamina forgive me, I’ve been feeling a bit unenthusiastic towards anime lately. My feelings towards anime at the moment, after being separated apart from it for only a couple days (and even then I am still reading articles about it) has been a numbing experience for me.

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