Times I Should’ve Cried Reading One Piece

One Piece is one of the biggest emotional roller coaster rides I’ve ever been on and hasn’t stopped. So why do I have such a tough time expressing the FEELS during its more tragic, somber and heartfelt moments through the bittersweet reaction of tears?

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Finding It Hard to “Remember Love”

Ex-blogger extraordinaire, ghostlighting, ran a blog called “We Remember Love” with other fellow bloggers at the time (a lot of which were mecha and anime fans alike), and the now infamous Digibro (previously known as “Digital Boy”), from October 2008 to October 2012. If you haven’t read his posts, I recommend that you do, as it some of the best anime-related content I’ve ever read.

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Loss of Nostalgia and emotional disconnect: childhood shows

Something I’ve grown more concerned over in recent memory (and experienced quite a number of times already) is the sensation of my older feelings and thoughts on works I watched when I was younger being overwritten through revisiting them now that I’m older, and of a different mindset.

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10 Years Later… Haruhi: how was it?


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How otakucore Am I?: some fan behaviour reflection

Here’s a bit more introspection that’s been stuck at the back of my mind for some time. This time with more focus on what it means to be a fan of anime, and the line between being a fan and being a hardcore fan. Continue reading “How otakucore Am I?: some fan behaviour reflection”

Trying to Capture The Time Capsule Experience

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(Watching) Anime is Serious Business

Lately, it’s dawned on me how much pressure there seems to be surrounding the consumption of media. There’s this struggle of keeping up with current shows and being in on the discussion. And while it does extend to other forms of entertainment (TV, movies, games, books, etc.), I’m, of course, primarily referring to anime.

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