Best Anime Music of the Year (2017)

Thought I’d do this for fun.

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OK. 3. 2. 1. Let’s Jam! – Day 9: Anime With Best Soundtrack

And here I thought I’d only have one in mind this time, but upon writing this I kept recalling more composers, the anime they worked on, and by extension their awesome soundtracks. I’m even less of a music critic than I am an anime critic, so don’t expect any fair evaluations here.

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Groovin’s Magic

Anime OPs are generally made with the express purpose of setting up expectations for the viewer on what the show is about. Often you may see scenes from the show itself being spliced into the OP as previews for the ensuing awesomeness that lies in wait. Some OPs, however, can be so striking and memorable on their own that they alone invite you to return and re-watch the series again and again.

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