LISTEN TO MY ANIME! Vol.5: Hacking to the Gate

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Kiss Kiss, Fall in Love – Day 22: Favourite Romantic Couple

Writing this list in particular has made me realize I need to watch more anime, because while there are probably many I would consider great out of shows I haven’t watched, there aren’t many out of the ones I have watched. When it comes to this topic, the top lists and discussions I’ll see are filled to the brim with picks, answers and (awesome) reasons about characters I don’t really know from shows I have yet to experience myself.

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See You Again – Day 12: Best Ending To An Anime

What I want out of endings is closure, but the best ones deliver things which really resonate with me.

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Just Living in the Database – Day 5: Favourite Anime Opening Theme

Bending the rules again here, because I don’t have an absolute favourite anime opening. There’s so many I love and evoke different kind of emotions that it’s too difficult for me to choose just one. However, I will try to narrow it down to two different categories:

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El Psy Congroo

One of the most frightening and melancholic conflicts in time travel stories that Stein;s Gate perfects is the idea of retaining memories from other timelines (or alternate worlds), while everyone else around you acts as if those events never happened. Because they didn’t, for them. Moments of desperation in life-threatening situations, gone. Raw, down-to-earth moments between characters who have been antagonistic towards each other, now opening up with eyes longing for answers into the other’s mind, gone. But Okabe remembers. He remembers all of it. And as Mayuri puts it; that is sad.

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