End of Year Special: Revisiting the Old

This year has been quite a special one for me in the world of anime and blogging. I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’m not playing catch-up (even when I’m mercilessly dropping shows), so I’m thinking of stepping back and moving away from watching currently airing anime in the coming year.

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“I love the kind of woman that can kick my ass.” – Day 25: Favourite Female Protagonist

This challenge is getting harder. Picking a favourite character doesn’t get easier when you split my options by two. Though it does allow me the opportunity to list more, it’s not much easier narrowing down my choices, since there’s so many characters I love or think are interesting, but just don’t occur to me when prompted. If I spent more time thinking about them, I’m sure some could wind up becoming a favourite of mine, but given the time constraint I’m placing on myself to write these I don’t have that luxury at the moment.

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More Than For The Lulz – Day 19: Favourite Comedic Character

I’ll be interpreting this one as favourite comic relief character in anime, even though that may not be why I personally like them myself. The character being comic relief may be part of what I find interesting and entertaining about them, but there has to be more to it than just that for me to consider them among my favourites. Maybe they make me chuckle here and there, but most importantly these characters brighten my day in some way. 

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See You Again – Day 12: Best Ending To An Anime

What I want out of endings is closure, but the best ones deliver things which really resonate with me.

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Strike a Pose! – Day 8: Favourite Anime Artwork / Directing

This one seems rather unclear to me. Is it asking for my favourite anime aesthetic, character design, artist, or director?

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A Meditation on Kill la Kill

I never really feel equipped to discuss anything in any meaningful way. And despite all the analysis videos I’ve consumed in the past few years, no amount of reading or watching such excellent insights into such things as character and plot analyses, thematic dissections, creator intentions and studio histories, production values, etc. marks a strong enough impression to leave the information readily conscious to mind.

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