“Thank you! Fuck you! The star is here!” – Day 24: Best Anime Antagonist

I’m not really here to discuss what makes a great anime villain or antagonist. I don’t believe there’s any single answer to that. You can have ones that are just downright evil and despicable with their menace carrying them to the top where they loom over as a powerful and intimidating force not to be reckoned with. And you can also have ones who act great as foils or opposites to the hero or protagonist, and are endearing for their charisma and complexity. The important thing in every case is that they’re believable to the viewer. I can buy into these characters because they’re interesting or sympathetic or just too entertaining to question otherwise.

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Kiss Kiss, Fall in Love – Day 22: Favourite Romantic Couple

Writing this list in particular has made me realize I need to watch more anime, because while there are probably many I would consider great out of shows I haven’t watched, there aren’t many out of the ones I have watched. When it comes to this topic, the top lists and discussions I’ll see are filled to the brim with picks, answers and (awesome) reasons about characters I don’t really know from shows I have yet to experience myself.

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Watching Over You – Day 20: Favourite Supporting Character

Perhaps one of the most confusing and difficult to assess categories for this challenge. Going by what MAL lists as main and supporting cast for help in figuring this one out. This is where I really start to bend, break and cheat the supposed “rules” of this challenge. Not that anyone has been complaining up until now, but I just wanted to give a heads up that I’m about to get really greedy with my choosings from here on out.

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So Damn Beautiful – Day 16: Favourite Fantasy / Supernatural Anime

Past the halfway point in this challenge now. Favourite fantasy and supernatural anime, hmm. Considering my preference of genre is generally more inclined to lean on these two in particular, I’m already fairly certain about my picks as quite a few of my favourite anime are from these genres. Though that means I’ll have less to say about them when it comes to picking my favourite anime later in this challenge, but I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

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See You Again – Day 12: Best Ending To An Anime

What I want out of endings is closure, but the best ones deliver things which really resonate with me.

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That’s Too Painful – Day 11: Saddest Anime Scene

Today I have less picks than previous posts in this anime challenge, and also less to say about each of them. Not because I don’t appreciate sad scenes in anime as much as I appreciate the voice acting talent behind characters or a certain artwork or soundtrack, but rather because I find it so difficult to explain just how much they meant to me when it’s been so long since I’ve experienced those feelings. Though, the ones I have listed are the most memorable and I’d like to believe they still resonate with me. 

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