DB Super – Just Try To Be Happy for Videl, OK?

I’ve never really understood the complaints from Dragon Ball fans about Videl being “forced” into a mom role. What do you expect her to do in a world (now multiverse) of ridiculously powerful beings (including GODS now), capable of destroying virtually anything with ease? I mean, yeah it was cool to see her be a tough tomboy fighter in DBZ, but I’d argue that a big part of her character arc involved learning not needing to be the strongest person in her life. And I think a lot of people would come to that revelation given the circumstances of personally knowing as many people as she does who can perform incomprehensible super feats.

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Thanks for the Memories – Day 27: Favourite Anime Movie

As with previous posts in this challenge, reflecting on my lists has made me realize I still have a lot of anime I need to watch. I feel like I haven’t seen enough lesser known or obscure titles to have among my favourites so I can list them here and lavish praise about anime many might not have seen or heard of. In due time I suppose.

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Kiss Kiss, Fall in Love – Day 22: Favourite Romantic Couple

Writing this list in particular has made me realize I need to watch more anime, because while there are probably many I would consider great out of shows I haven’t watched, there aren’t many out of the ones I have watched. When it comes to this topic, the top lists and discussions I’ll see are filled to the brim with picks, answers and (awesome) reasons about characters I don’t really know from shows I have yet to experience myself.

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