See You Again – Day 12: Best Ending To An Anime

What I want out of endings is closure, but the best ones deliver things which really resonate with me.

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That’s Too Painful – Day 11: Saddest Anime Scene

Today I have less picks than previous posts in this anime challenge, and also less to say about each of them. Not because I don’t appreciate sad scenes in anime as much as I appreciate the voice acting talent behind characters or a certain artwork or soundtrack, but rather because I find it so difficult to explain just how much they meant to me when it’s been so long since I’ve experienced those feelings. Though, the ones I have listed are the most memorable and I’d like to believe they still resonate with me. 

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“Baka! Hentai!” – Day 2: Anime I’m (not) Ashamed I Enjoyed

Second day, different theme: guilt. Here is where I break away from the mold a bit. There’s no anime I’m ashamed that I enjoyed. Rather there are anime that may be at odds with my current tastes in anime that I enjoyed watching. Would I go back and watch them? Probably not. Though there are a few that I will likely revisit, and may have a different attitude towards when I get back to them. I find this feeling of guilt objectionable.

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