End of Year Special: Revisiting the Old

This year has been quite a special one for me in the world of anime and blogging. I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’m not playing catch-up (even when I’m mercilessly dropping shows), so I’m thinking of stepping back and moving away from watching currently airing anime in the coming year.

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Bring It Back! – Day 28: Anime I Wish Never Ended

Many of us have had those moments when we’re watching something and reach it’s ending and evoke a reaction among the lines of “No no no. Don’t do this to me. I NEED you in my life, show!” or something similar, essentially having grown so attached to the characters, story, and world of the show that you feel tragically ripped apart from them once it reaches its denouement. I imagine I’ve had experiences of this variety before, but I’ve learned it’s better to end on a high note than to see something you love return for the worse. Hence my apprehension with my picks.

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Rule of Cool? Rule of GAR? Screw the Rules! I AM THE RULES! – Day 26: Favourite Male Protagonist

This spot isn’t about who the coolest, manliest, or most powerful of male leads is, no, this is about the ones that I either closely relate to or find exceptionally interesting. Again, there’s so many to choose from that it’s hard for me to give every character I’d like to talk about a spot on this list to discuss, but there’s always time to examine them at a later date.

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Kiss Kiss, Fall in Love – Day 22: Favourite Romantic Couple

Writing this list in particular has made me realize I need to watch more anime, because while there are probably many I would consider great out of shows I haven’t watched, there aren’t many out of the ones I have watched. When it comes to this topic, the top lists and discussions I’ll see are filled to the brim with picks, answers and (awesome) reasons about characters I don’t really know from shows I have yet to experience myself.

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More Than For The Lulz – Day 19: Favourite Comedic Character

I’ll be interpreting this one as favourite comic relief character in anime, even though that may not be why I personally like them myself. The character being comic relief may be part of what I find interesting and entertaining about them, but there has to be more to it than just that for me to consider them among my favourites. Maybe they make me chuckle here and there, but most importantly these characters brighten my day in some way. 

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So Damn Beautiful – Day 16: Favourite Fantasy / Supernatural Anime

Past the halfway point in this challenge now. Favourite fantasy and supernatural anime, hmm. Considering my preference of genre is generally more inclined to lean on these two in particular, I’m already fairly certain about my picks as quite a few of my favourite anime are from these genres. Though that means I’ll have less to say about them when it comes to picking my favourite anime later in this challenge, but I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

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