I have a request for the upcoming Code Geass series: don’t bring back Lelouch. Please.

Yes, I am aware that the title of the new season is ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection’. The whole conceit of this post is that I am being an irrational fanboy, after all. But there is no angle I can think of where this continuation with Lelouch returning as the villain or central figure works. The ending of R2 wrapped up the main threads and themes of the story and his character in such a perfect way that he would have no reason to come back.

And I say this as someone who considers Lelouch one of my favourite characters ever. His story is done, leave him be. Don’t poison the well. I mean it. My confidence in this sequel is already pretty low, but I am still cautiously optimistic that I will enjoy it if it preserves and delivers on certain elements:

  • First and foremost, mechs/Knightmare Frames; ditch the super robot shit, keep the skirmishes grounded (no flying, please)
  • Roller-skates & SLASH HARKEN; perfect excuse for close encounters and dialogues between enemies on the battlefield (where else am I going to get these?)
  • Cornelia (I won’t forgive you bastards if she isn’t given sufficient screen-time!)
  • Spinzaku (I mean, how can you not?)

Do this much and I’ll a few less things to worry about and hopefully something to satisfy my mecha action itch. I recognize that without Lelouch, the show may waver in the tactics departments, seeing as how the show pretty much leaned on playing up his brilliance there. But I know it can be done, even in his absence. If no one else can fill his shoes, just spend less time on the characters monologuing their strategies, and more time on the geography and choreography of the encounters. Change the focus from real-time calculations to how the robots move and react to one another, if need be – the more of this, the better (that way I’ll be too distracted by cool action sequences to be bothered by any lousy story/character developments). See here for ideas:

Until then I’ll keep my apprehensions about R3, but so long as these wishes are fulfilled and there’s good enough justifications for plenty of awesome mecha action, I may end up being one happy fanboy. However, I am prepared to retcon it from my mind should it do anything to tarnish the legacy of its predecessors for me. Canon or no, if this sucks shit it’s getting compartmentalized as a separate entity from the main series. I’ll just consider it alternative history like Akito then.

Now, if you’re on the really anxious side of the fandom like me, then this should geass you back home.

2 thoughts on “WORLD END”

  1. I’m with you. I loved Code Geass and I loved Lelouch, but even if the fan theory of Lelouch not being dead is true (and there’s plenty of evidence), his story is done. It ended perfectly. Bringing him back threatens to undo everything that was perfect about the end of season 2.
    Will I still watch season 3? Absolutely, I’m sometimes too curious for my own good. But I kind of suspect that if Lelouch is back, I’m not going to be impressed.

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    1. Exactly. How do you come back from a complete note like that?
      (Answer: move onto other characters)

      If I’m being wholly honest, I don’t think my unease will subside even if my requests end up (coincidentally) being fulfilled. It would certainly make it easier to enjoy, but doubt anything they do will be so good that it obviates how wrong the very idea of a continuation being real is. Alas, I am a fan, so I will watch it regardless just because.

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