Moments of Anime 2017: Tsurezure Children

Our next moment comes from one of the best romance anime shows I’ve ever seen (not that I’ve watched that many to begin with) and easily one of the top anime to come out this year, Tsurezure Children; a sweet and charming compilation of the different types of romances and relationships.

In a show that is nothing but moments, I felt that this one was both especially harder to choose from, but also easier to identify the moments that stood out to me. So, once again I decide to be greedy and award one moment per my favourite relationships here (it’s only fair, right?).


Akagi x Kaji

As much as I love their initial scene together where they hook up (it’s one of the funniest moments in anime for me this year), it’s hard not to pick the one with them establishing their emotional footing with one another. It’s cold, yet warm in how the characters react to each other, but it was made clear from the start how polar opposites they are, so it ends up being more lovely and heartfelt than anything.


Chiaki x Kana

Ah yes, the bedroom scene. A moment which I felt could have very easily fallen over into the realm of cringe, but kept managing to bounce back and stop itself from ever approaching there. It’s a really fun and light-hearted way of depicting the awkwardness and anxiety of relationships when it comes to taking steps forward like this. The moment for the characters is made out to be this big deal, while also being treated as though it’s not. And the tone and reactions building up to the climax of the scene is kept at the right amount of serious and comical for it to work as both a proper look at this stage in the relationship, as well as a nice set-up to one of the best scenes in the entire show.

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Furuya x Minagawa (w/Hotaru)

The hallway scene. It has everything I could need for it to be both a funny and charming display of love. And we get multiple kinds of love in just a short few minutes. How exciting and wonderful! The ever-pleasant and constant ray of sunshine, Minagawa, is interceded by Furuya’s younger sister, Hotaru. However, despite Hotaru’s attempts at playing up her cute persona and acting polite, Minagawa emerges victorious for being so delightfully mischievous.

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Shinichi “The Love Master” Katori

Lying by a tree, battered and bruised, the blonde angel asks the concerned girl for a smile. Tears are wept and worries are brushed aside with comfort and turned swoon. However, it wasn’t until the afterimage effect where I lost it, and too, had keeled over (from the magic that is GAR).

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Takano x Sugawara

First encounter; love strikes like lightning here, but only for one of them, Takano. Sugawara is too down on herself to even notice, let alone register what Takano means half the time here. But it’s misunderstandings and failure at communication done right, I feel. A case of one being head over heels, but so nervous the words come out only half-understood, and the other being so self-deprecating that they can’t see or believe the sincerity in what the other says about them. It’s a confession gone wrong, but ends on a hopeful note with luck from a heart-shaped flower petal.

maxresdefault (2)

Don’t forget love, you two

Ignored are those unrequited

Bottled with feelings of loneliness

Similarities shared go unforeseen

But even then, love persists;


Thoughtful yet silent

The flames remain alit

Patiently impatient

The paramours never quit;


Pondering what is and not

Uncertain and afraid, yet

Still hoping to be sought

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