LISTEN TO MY ANIME! Vol. 2: Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Here we take a look at something noir, something contemplative, something romantic. The ending theme to Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor.

Both the music and visuals here complement each other so well that it’s a marvellous splendour of enthralling, yet chilling comfort. There’s something special about this theme that makes it simultaneously cool and beguiling, and also uneasy and portentous. A mixture of gloom and peace of mind, that makes it difficult to explain just how it’s able to achieve such an eerie and effective mood-setter.

Here Hakuryuu (Tonegawa’s voice actor) is the slick, sirenic singing voice performing the lyrics to match Hideki Taniuchi’s superb composition and music.

Though there is a sense of struggle and defeat throughout, ultimately, the song expresses an underlying strength of hopefulness and fight against the hardships life piles on. Truly, a magnificent blend of both the good and bad times.

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