Close the Curtains On Higurashi: Not Sure If I Loved It, But Could’ve Been Much Worse

Why did it take me so long to finish watching Higurashi? I remember watching the first season over two years ago, because it felt appropriate for October. 

I was watching a couple eps per day, because it felt so captivating in its characters, story, and plot. And the uniqueness of its structure in telling this story really had me hooked. Though, if it weren’t for that killer opening theme, I might not have been as inclined to continue watching.

Watching it this way though, made it real easy and more fun for me to try and piece together the details, particularly the world-building elements, which became all-important in the second season. Which leads me to my thoughts on the finale. I don’t know what to make of the end with an older Rika and younger Takano Miyo bumping into one another. But I’ll defer to this old post on that matter. I haven’t much else to add myself.

As for the happy ending up until that point, I was fairly okay with it. Though, I wasn’t feeling nearly as excited watching the second season as I did with the first, there were some great moments of delicious thick tension that made me really root for the characters to triumph. And they did. Yet, something felt off to me. I’m not sure what exactly, but maybe it’s how neatly everything wrapped up in this horror/mystery show that felt antithetical to the nature of its initial genre.

Not much else to say, except that I was content with what I got. And relieved that it didn’t go off in a far worse direction than it could have.

maxresdefault (1)
Mion cementing her role as the badass mother of the group
Tbh I wasn’t that worried about the God being in danger here
A commendable outlook from Rika
Wait, what’s happening now?
Time loop? Paradox? WHAT?!!!

It was a nice and hopeful ending; inside a nightmarish cyclical existence full of anguish and despair, and I suppose that at least is something I can understand and find solace in. What did you think? Was the ending satisfactory, did it make you happy? Or do you think there was room for it to be better, what would you change?

2 thoughts on “Close the Curtains On Higurashi: Not Sure If I Loved It, But Could’ve Been Much Worse”

  1. I loved the end of the second season of Higurashi. I feel like it kind of wraps up enough that any further loose ends are pretty negliglible. The characters all get great moments. I also like Rika seemingly trying to prevent the loop from ever occurring though I have to wonder if saving Miyo some of the misery by essentially sending her to die with her parents is a little disturbing. Anyway, I really liked how this show ended.

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    1. The tension and drama leading up to it was quite good, imo. It’s the too-neat and too happy resolution that kind of bugs me, but not too much.

      I’m actually not sure if it really bugs me tbh, but it did feel weird to me at least.

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