So I Watched The Big Lebowski and…

So I just got done watching The Big Lebowski and had a slight headache, alongside multiple noise-related interruptions throughout. Not to say it was a bad movie, or an outright terrible first-time experience watching it, but suffice it to say there was mild disruption slowing down my enjoyment of the film.

However, these negative incidents ended up being almost positives in that through my minor level of suffering I was able to connect more with The Dude. I realize that on the scale of suffering between the two of us, I am far more removed from the term than he is, but I standby my word of choice, if at the very least, for the use of hyperbole. Mind you this is not a review of the movie. I’m not here to tell you if it’s good or bad. To save you some time, in no uncertain terms: watch the movie.

I relate to The Dude when he’s being tugged in multiple directions by the vicissitudes of fate a la people who have no fucking clue what they’re doing. He’s a chill guy who just wants to be left alone and not have to worry about life. But everyone else has other plans for him and it doesn’t help that he doesn’t know how to articulate himself well enough to explain the situation or whenever he tries he keeps getting interrupted by the same fucks who want to know what’s up. This rings very true to life in how conversations start and stop constantly with people remaining stubborn, not listening, and losing track of what they and the other person were saying. Until it’s more or less forgotten about after being interrupted by yet another predicament full of the same headache-inducing pointless complications.

Like us, The Dude just never gets a break in this movie, having to try and wrap his around one thing only for something else to pop-up in its place and prevent him from handling all the other matters he has piling up on his plate. His friend is not much help either, being stubborn in his beliefs about these situations and easily prone to episodes of lashing out in anger and violence. And I can hardly fault him for that, considering he too has to deal with being constantly interrupted and not being able to explain himself. Not that I condone his sort of behaviour, just that I can see how someone can become like that in light of the events in the movie.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this anymore. I’m just rambling now. So I’ll just close on something a great man once said:


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