DB Super – Just Try To Be Happy for Videl, OK?

I’ve never really understood the complaints from Dragon Ball fans about Videl being “forced” into a mom role. What do you expect her to do in a world (now multiverse) of ridiculously powerful beings (including GODS now), capable of destroying virtually anything with ease? I mean, yeah it was cool to see her be a tough tomboy fighter in DBZ, but I’d argue that a big part of her character arc involved learning not needing to be the strongest person in her life. And I think a lot of people would come to that revelation given the circumstances of personally knowing as many people as she does who can perform incomprehensible super feats.

Videl’s smile is secretly the greatest power of all

If you’re a human in the world of Dragon Ball you’re pretty much at the mercy of dozens of superpowered beings. So, if you’re one of the “lucky” few who’s on good terms with some of the strongest of them, and aware of this fact, then the best that you can do is to take it in stride and just roll with the punches.

Videl has taken solace in the fact that no matter how much she trains and tries to be strong she’ll never compete with the likes of Saiyans or the other Z Fighters. They’ve dedicated most of their lives to fighting and mastering Ki (and what not). And Saiyans are genetically predisposed to being amazing super-beings, what with being able to come back far more stronger after near-death experiences again and again. Videl is only human, but one with a lot of love to give. She loves Gohan and the others. She loves her baby, Pan. She’s found what makes her happy. And I think that’s incredibly admirable.  

Don’t listen to them Videl, your life is an epic win in my book!.

Speaking of happily married women in Dragon Ball, Android 18 (another badass woman who is an incredibly capable, and powerful fighter) is another character I see as owning at life. She thinks the world of her husband, Krillin, and appears to be enjoying her household life of bliss. Though, she’s never too far away from making it more exciting, or “fulfilling”, like whenever she extorts Hercule. And while she’s proud and happy to be married to a strong fighter like Krillin (don’t joke, Krillin owns) she does still fight every now and then as well.

maxresdefault (1)

Yes, it could be said that these two lovely, awesome Dragon Ball ladies have taken on a more reserved role. But while a life of action and heroism may be fun and exhilarating for us to watch, it’s not something everyone wants taking up their entire lives. And I believe while Videl and Android 18 do enjoy fighting, they’ve experienced enough to discover that they want to enjoy the days when things aren’t so perilous and hectic.

It’s nice to find other things to enjoy in life and to appreciate them in times of peace. I think Videl and Android 18 have come to realize this and it really is an awesome win to achieve that level of serenity in spite of the constant threat of doom and world-ending events they encounter. Seeing these two smile warms my heart and makes me incredibly glad to see them so happy and content with their lives. It’s refreshing to them, and to me.

If a look could say ‘Yeah, I’ve won life’ this would be it

They’ve found what makes them happy. So I think we should find a way to be happy for them too.

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