What Do Your Waifus Mean To You? – Day 21: Anime Crush

I feel the cooker pressure is on a lot hotter and earlier than I expected in writing a ‘mai waifu’ post. Needless to say, the pressure this challenge puts on me makes for rushed and uninteresting content (sorry). And while this has produced some posts I’m fairly pleased with, there are some I feel I’ve done an injustice and could really do with a revision someday down the line. This is one of those.

It should be noted that while attractive looks plays a big part in the picks here, I could see quite a few of my choices as having qualities that would inspire feelings of companionship and yes, even marriage. There are no delusions here, it is not that I would want to marry these characters specifically, but if I were to meet someone who shared similar qualities that would be ideal. Kapodaco actually wrote a post earlier this year highlighting the qualities I look for, and explained them perfectly. Read that for a better idea on the subject, if you’re interested. It’s a really great post.


This list is in no particular order, except maybe the chronology of my viewing of the shows these lovely ladies are from. I expect this to be all kinds of cringe, so you’ll have to bear with me and my unsophisticated poor attempt at justifying my anime crushes. And what timing for me to post this! It’ll be national girlfriend day by the time this comes out. All the stars align to emphasize the patheticness. How wonderful.


Videl from Dragon Ball Z

Let’s go back in time, shall we? To when I was a young boy entering my teenage years (skipping through the details) and followed the journey of a character around my age from boyhood to adolescence, Gohan. I couldn’t tell you why, but I sort of identified with this awesomest of nerds at the time and well, when the show very blatantly implies he will form a relationship with his stalker (romantic) pursuer, Videl, how can I not feel the same awkward love Gohan did?

Begins with a case of the ‘teach me, senpai’s

She’s tough and tomboyish in personality and appearance alike – which may have had something to do with why I was so strongly attracted to tomboys in my adolescence (still am, just not to any obsessive degree). Despite her fame and wealth, Videl is a fighter at heart, and a feisty one at that. She’s stubborn and rough, but becomes calmer over time. She grows to love Gohan in her admiration of his honesty and good natured kindness.

Evolves into imitating the qualities she admires

It’s weird to have simultaneously been infatuated by this wonderful girl while passionately rooting for these two to get together. And it’s so gratifying to have witnessed their awesome love grow, and inspires such lovely reactions from me as “Awww” when I see them happily married now. My very first ship turned out to be an epic win!

You lucky dorky man, you-

Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead

Fufufu. It seems young Ace-boy had quite the naughty taste while dealing with the onslaught of raging hormones. Yes, Saeko is rather attractive. Devastatingly so, actually. But something I for some reason found appealing back then that I don’t so much now is badass women who thirst for blood. By which I mean, they’re cold-blooded killers, or in Saeko’s case a sadist. The apocalypse brought out fear and horror in many, but for Saeko it was an excuse to let loose and satiate her violent nature. Her being a cultured and well-mannered young woman is merely a veneer cloaking the pleasure she derives from in causing pain and suffering to others. I do not find this quality of hers particularly attractive anymore.

Still cool, just get nervous around violence is all

So then why is she on the list, you may be wondering. Well, while her sadistic and violent tendencies may very well put me on edge, she’s a very a strong woman. No denying that. Reliable too. I mean, she’s actually kind and caring towards others, placing protecting her group as top priority in any given moment – ensuring their well-being and considering their feelings. It’s awesome and kind of sweet, in a slightly disturbing violent way. Coming from a samurai lineage, Saeko follows the Bushido code, as evidenced in her behaviour and certain phrasings.

Okay, so what’s the real reason?


Hair colour-wise, yes. But it has the complete opposite effect from bothering me.

Yoko Littner and Nia Teppelin from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

I was about the same age as Simon when I watched Gurren Lagann, so my attraction to Yoko at the start made my identification with him all the more stronger. We were both young, and hormone-crazy for the big-breasted bikini-clad badass with a sniper rifle. And we were both jealous of Kamina to a fault. Guilt set in, and we moved on. It all happened so fast, that I can’t really tell if there was anything more beyond that. Though her stunning appearance was the major reason for my attraction at the time, I’ve learned there is so much more to her character and so many awesome reasons for people to love her. Like a lot of the women on this list, Yoko is a kind and caring person, mature for her age, and extremely competent in most situations. Good with a rifle, she’s very protective of the people she cares about deeply. Yoko is one really awesome, bodacious red-haired lady.

Has the unfair advantage of being associated with the opening theme (infinity point bonus)

If I had to choose between the girls of Gurren Lagann though, Nia would win easily. I’m (not) sorry, Yoko, but Nia won me over with her ethereal introduction. Delicate and charming appearances with gorgeous hair aside, Nia is a sweet girl who is kind and caring by nature (seems to be a running theme here). Her smile just lights up my day, because it’s a smile that wants others to smile and be happy. And isn’t that just so gosh darn winsome. Nia is a highly empathetic person (particularly towards Simon) and always wants to cheer people up when they’re down or distressed. Though she may have her moments of being insensitive, these are never deliberate. She never means to cause someone harm or to make things worse, but just has occasional social blunders sometimes. And in case you’re wondering who I think the best person on this list is, it’s Nia.

P U R E  O F  H E A R T

C.C. from Code Geass

I honestly do not have any excuses for this one. To me, C.C. is one of, if not the, hottest anime character ever. The best of traits when it comes to breeding and genetics – hips, waist, breasts; everything’s just as shapely as they are in top shape. She has green hair, loves pizza, and is willing to go along with just about anything. After having been so deprived of affection, and Lelouch being the first person to truly care for her in so long, she opens up and becomes more kind… and teasing.

Pretty dope immortal witch

I think when characters are introduced to having little to no visible expression of emotion and then later start to let out genuine moments (like smiling) my heart swells three sizes with good feels. It’s a victory for me to see someone achieve some semblance of happiness, no matter how brief, and C.C. being a woman with an extremely painful and tragic life makes it all the more important for me to see her smile.

Please don’t lose that smile again

Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari

Here is someone I’ve warmed up to over time. Had you asked me what I thought of her a year ago, I wouldn’t have had much good to say. Not that I’d have had much bad to say either, but my initial impression of Senjougahara was that she was a really mean and violent tease. I’m still wary about the whole ‘threatening using staplers’ thing, but I won’t harp on it here. One of the interesting facets of her character is that she is challenging to interact with, after all. To some, perhaps even impossible.


Senjougahara presents herself as a deep riddle – there’s always more to her even after you think you’ve figured her out. Yet, despite this, she turns out to be an incredibly sincere woman. And she is someone who entertains very real things in the audience’s imagination.Judging by her self-proclamation of her being a “tsundere”, she seems to have at least some understanding of otaku culture. So there’s an awesome win!

Entertaining the idea that Araragi is a commentary on the (otaku) viewer, then the episode when he and Senjougahara go out on their date is a narrative reward for both Araragi and the viewer. It feels like the episode is made to make us feel better about ourselves. And it’s touching and charming and winsome. Yes, my fascination is decidedly for this sharp-tongued, flirtatious, intelligent, purple-haired woman. Though I can’t compete with Araragi. I’m glad she’s found happiness.

Only a half-vampire such as he can handle someone as magnificent as she

Akatsuki from Log Horizon

This is about as close as my picks come when entering moe/loli territory. Yes, Akatsuki has a cute, petite body. This is true. However, she very much acts her age (20 years-old, same age as me) being someone extremely competent and hard-working. Though she is often mistaken to be a lot younger than she actually is, this is reflected as a nuisance in her personality. She is very sensitive about her height, and finds it annoying that her cute appearance outshines her efforts and merits in terms of recognition. As such she has fallen into acting more serious and melancholic.

*anger intensifies–adorableness intensifies*

She’s someone who wants to prove herself and willingly devoted her efforts to Shiroe, so much so that she consistently suggests accompanying him whenever possible. But she’s also insecure about her abilities after comparing herself to the unspoken, flawless unity between Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Nyanta. Her feelings for Shiroe stem from him being one of the few people who didn’t judge or dote on her based on looks, but saw and respected Akatsuki for her abilities. Like Shiroe, I respect her abilities and admire her for her efforts. But more than that, I find her efforts and dedicated both so adorable (sorry) and also so wonderful. And yes, the blue ponytail look is attractive as all hell.


Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate

Ultimate tsundere, hands down – though I’m not opposed to anyone claiming she isn’t one. I can’t even begin to describe what makes this woman so fetching and special to me without spoilers. What really makes her awesome, beyond the mature, sensible realist, beyond the irritated sarcastic expressions, is a very inquisitive young scientist at heart. Intelligence is one thing, but I really enjoy people who are interested in and excited by learning and experiencing new things.


Natsuki Nakagawa from Hibike! Euphonium

I particularly admire characters who have gone through the same shortcomings I did and seek to get past them. To better themselves and to try again. Natsuki Nakagawa is one such character, for at the beginning of Hibike! Euphonium she has all but given up in her musical practice as a result of her motivation being blown away the previous year. She appears aloof a lot of the time because she often sits alone in class and hardly talks to anyone, but she’s actually super friendly, really calm and mature, and a good sport when faced with the reality of someone younger being more talented than her. What makes Natsuki awesome (aside from many other reasons) is how understanding she is in situations and able to react quite nicely and take everything in stride. She also compliments others on their ability instead of letting her jealousy get to her, which is a really admirable quality to have. Yeah, I could marry someone like this.  


I’m still kicking myself remembering some really special and awesome picks that escaped me writing up previous posts. I have no doubt the same may apply here after the fact, but it’s inevitable considering the time crunch I’m posting these under. And in true lazy fashion, here are some honourable mentions that would have been on the list had I not read blog posts of others having perfectly explained what makes them so awesome: Cornelia Li Britannia from Code Geass, Ami Kawashima from Toradora!, and many others I have yet to watch the respective shows of in order to properly garner an opinion on.

~ Ace


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    1. Never felt as strongly (*lies, slander*) about the whole waifu thing as others seem to, but it looks like a fun thing to at least *pretend* to obsess over as part of a fun bit of hyperbole. I see it now as what qualities do these characters have that I think are admirable and would be wonderful for others to have.

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