More Than For The Lulz – Day 19: Favourite Comedic Character

I’ll be interpreting this one as favourite comic relief character in anime, even though that may not be why I personally like them myself. The character being comic relief may be part of what I find interesting and entertaining about them, but there has to be more to it than just that for me to consider them among my favourites. Maybe they make me chuckle here and there, but most importantly these characters brighten my day in some way. 


Mako Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill

Fearless is she, the hyperactive, caring, and loving heart of Kill la Kill. Ryuko’s inseparable best friend and source of happiness, rarely does Mako back down in threatening situations. Her laziness contrasted with her hyperactive nature makes for a humorous clash of personality traits. Despite her respect for authority figures, Mako has no zip on her lips when it comes to voicing her own opinion about things, like when she suggests Gamagori should wear pajamas to bed (after discovering he sleeps in the nude), so as to prevent the chance of catching a cold.


Quick to fall asleep and aversive to workloads that disrupt her laziness, Mako once properly motivated is able to discipline herself to study hard and work effectively, like when Ryuko appointed her president of their Fight Club; Mako showed initial disinterest and felt overwhelmed by the workload, but quickly became dedicated and diligent in her efforts to help Ryuko. She demonstrated remarkable competence and professionalism in her ability to read through and write up complicated paperwork to the point where she was able to identify loopholes, reasons for her and her family to move up in finances, and so on.


The humour exerted by Mako lies in her relationship with the other characters and bouncing her exuberant energy and simple-minded “wisdom” off of the likes of Ryuko, Gamagori and hilariously an amused Satsuki. She perfectly fits in and personifies the wacky world of Kill la Kill from the first episode.


Kazuma Kuwabara from Yuu Yuu Hakusho

“Just as the cherry blossom is a flower among flowers, Kuwabara is a man among men!”

Clumsy and reckless, Kuwabara may not be the most clever of characters, but he has heart and a great sense of humour. Rude he may be, Kuwabara remains a man of a loving, honest nature with a strict code of honour. He’s loyal to friends and the despite his temper, Kuwabara is a kind-hearted individual and an inspiration in his stubborn, persistent efforts.


Though I may not consider him the funniest of comic relief characters or like that aspect about him much, he is perhaps the most nuanced and developed of the bunch when it comes to that sort of character. He’s the lovable goofball of the group in the show and I count him among my favourites for these reasons and many more.


Akira Kogami from Lucky Star (Lucky Channel)

This is where the definition of ‘comic relief’ gets sketchy for me. I consider Akira Kogami to be a humorous character, though not intentionally on her part, the show seems to make it appear that way. Though she may be only half the equation, since a lot of her hilarity involves her bouncing off and reacting in irritance toward her assistant Minoru Shiraishi. A bright, energetic, and cute persona hiding what is in reality a deep-voiced, chain-smoking, selfish cynic with violent tendencies that breaks through whenever annoyed. This change in attitude is interesting and hilarious on its own, but the reasons it cracks through make me crack up that much more.


Isaac & Miria from Baccano!

The instigators of many a happy conversations and madcap antics, Isaac & Miria are positivity incarnate. Enthusiastic, charismatic, vivacious, and bursting with energy and other awesome goodness, this lovable duo follows whatever whim has caught their fancy, while embodying and emitting irrepressible joy wherever they go. Even without directly intending to or noticing it themselves, this couple of jolly and high-spirited souls spread happiness upon anyone and make friends with as much ease as they meet people.


Indomitable and headstrong, with their hearts set on wonder and excitement, their good wills remain true and merry in their adventures driven by bravery and sincerity of an infectious kind. Separate they become distressed and cry when alone, but together they form the most cheerful of pairs, putting on brave faces for the benefit of each other. They think the world of each other and the world (bonds they’ve formed and friends they’ve made) agrees. Extraordinarily kind in nature, this marvelous twosome are willing to risk their lives for each other and their friends, despite not knowing they are immortal. Their carefree, winsome shenanigans and kindhearted, compassionate acts exhibit the most captivating wholesomeness I have ever seen and elicit strong feelings of laughter and gaiety from me.


~ Ace


2 thoughts on “More Than For The Lulz – Day 19: Favourite Comedic Character”

  1. At first I was going to say Mako Mankanshoku was the clear winner pick but then..

    You included Isaac & Miria 10/10 list. Another fun fact that you may find particularly amusing:
    In the novels Isaac & Miria steal all the candy from a town and as a result think that they ended up killing all the children because they won’t be able to eat anymore candy. It’s pretty dumb but they are seriously some of the best characters ever conceived.

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