Make a Contract, Make a Friend – Day 18: Favourite Animal Sidekick, Pet or Summons

Without taking Pokémon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh duel monsters into consideration, this one is more or less a no-brainer, since it’s not the sort of character that’s particularly familiar or memorable enough for me to have a favourite, let alone a wide selection of favourites. Though now that I think about it, I’m tempted to exploit the technicality of the word “summons” here. Anyway, this will be a short one.


Ein from Cowboy Bebop

Favourite pet in anime. Hmm. Heck yeah, it’s Ein! He’s a corgi in space, dude. I don’t know what else to tell you. I haven’t watched the show in years. There’s a scene where he hops and it’s pretty awesome.

*intelligent woof*

Paya-tan / Captain Paya Livingston from Dai Mahou Touge

One of the most unexpectedly coolest characters I’ve ever had the honour of knowing. Our initial impression of Captain Paya Livingston is this high pitched and silly talking “dog-like animal with a unicorn’s horn.” Yeah, that sounds about right. Though I would be lying if that’s all he was. It’s really hard to talk about this character without spoiling some of the highlights of this very short four-episode OVA series. So, all I can say is go watch it before you read anymore about him here.

More than meets the eye

Paya is someone who is personified as having two distinct personalities and faces. The cute mascot act is just a front, while the real persona reveals a more adult face and deeper voice, along with him smoking. And while I’m not one for dubs anymore, I can’t deny the awesome hilarity that is Cpt. Paya being voiced by Dan Green. The deep voice and flashbacks to a comically dark and troubled past over what would otherwise be perceived as a cute mascot for a magical witch is what makes this character so surprisingly cool.

Rider from Fate/Zero

Summon? Hahaha, you fool! You should’ve known I would choose one of the summons from Fate/Zero! Yes! Rider is my favourite! I am GAR for the King who makes his presence known through dramatic entrances by virtue of the roaring thunder and the clash of lightning. The noble and courageous red-haired gentle giant who refers to himself as the King of Conquerors, and who rides in battle on chariot with the biggest of hearts and goodest of intentions. Here is a marvelous man whom I could call King.


A compassionate man; physically overbearing, yet amazed by the most ordinary things from the modern world he has been summoned to, and exuberant in his enjoyment of life. He always appears in a jovial mood and is a man who values friendship highly, regarding some of the bonds he’s forged to be his greatest treasure. When it comes to battle and glory he almost has a boyish eagerness about him. But beyond the character, I feel like Ootsuka Akio’s delivery of Rider’s lines is what really steals the show and makes the character feel and look larger than he already is – the kind of performance that makes me feel utterly pleased to have known this most exciting, insightful, and affable of characters.


For what it’s worth, I would have picked Chopper from One Piece, but I am omitting One Piece picks from this challenge, because it’s an “anime challenge”, not a manga one. Also if I allowed One Piece picks, this list would be almost entirely comprised of them. All things considered, I might do a One Piece challenge in the future.

~ Ace


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