100th Post: Going Merry On My Way To Thousand Sunny

It’s hard to believe I’m writing my 100th post already. It still feels like I’m only starting out. The Humble Ace blog has been around for about seven months now, and I’m very happy for making it when I did, because it led me to become a part of this amazing community. There’s been an awesome amount of support, interest, and commentary from fellow bloggers, whom I want to thank for their likes, comments, and shares on this journey. Reading and commenting on others’ blogs has been a humbling experience in and of itself, so much so that I kind of wish I had started lurking around blogs before I decided to make one myself.

When I started out this site I wasn’t expecting much reception, and though I haven’t garnered a significant sized following or substantial amount of comments, I am grateful for those that do follow, read, like, comment, link, and put me in their blogrolls. It’s an enriching experience to have and respond to discussions here and on others’ blogs. It’s through these interactions that I am able to carve out and remember what it is I love about the things I write about or find interesting. And I’m pleased with the progress I’m making.

Though I’ve only written a few posts about or involving the series that is my absolute favourite, One Piece, I am disappointed in myself for the lack of content I’ve made in regards to it and my love for the awesome manga. I wish to amend this going forward. I very much would like nothing more than to detail my thoughts about this long and amazing journey as a running theme on the blog. I’m happy with the character pieces I’ve done on Luffy and Sanji, but I want to do so much more. Of course, I plan on writing about the other characters individually, but I also want to try and write specifically about each chapter / volume / arc, things I find so interesting about the world, and the satisfying payoffs when it comes to reading this wonderfully epic series of adventures. There’s so much greatness in it for me to explore, and I want nothing more than to share it with all of you.

However, as much as I want to write about this franchise that’s very important to me, there are other things occupying my leisure time currently. Among what I own, there’s plenty of anime and movies I still have yet to watch, books and comic books to read, and games to play. Outside of that, there’s streaming currently airing anime, engaging with discussions on twitter, reading blog posts, and of course writing my own. There is so much to discover and mull over on these things alone. As such my focus is decidedly on this kind of content consumption tying in with my writing and what I post on the blog for the time being.

In addition to this, I’d also like to try and expanding out a bit more, not just commenting on others’ blogs, but writing my own blog posts in response to theirs. Admittedly, I cannot forsee this being a common occurrence, but I would like to see it what interesting developments become of it. I feel like I’ve missed quite a few opportunities already with this, as there have been some blog posts I’ve read and very much wanted to write such a response, but felt ill-equipped at the time to mention or highlight anything I’d consider as something worth remarking and expounding upon. This is something I’d like to see others, not just myself, do more often.

I’ve actually been putting a lot more time into reading and writing blog posts instead of consuming anime and other media. This is partly due to my current circumstances involving my computer’s condition being distractingly problematic when it comes to watching videos. Which has brought my simulcasting to a standstill until I’m able to send it in for repair, though this has led me to finally go through and watch the anime I own. As a result my passion and work ethic writing and blogging has improved drastically. And I hope it doesn’t waver too much when I resume watching anime more frequently, among other things I’ll be returning to fairly soon that will be taking up quite a large portion of my time. Even if it does, though the quantity of content may drop, I would like to think I can still produce something worth reading every now and then.

Lastly, as mentioned before, I really want to engage more with this community. I already do a fair amount on twitter, and I am getting more active in my blogging activities, but I still feel like I could do a whole lot more. It’s regretful to see my own comment section empty of comments, but just as regretful reading someone else’s excellent post and notice the comment section barren of any discussion or feedback. I find this odd, especially when it happens to those who I would consider fairly popular and well-written bloggers. All the more reason to share my thoughts and try to help spread more discourse in the aniblogging sphere.

I want to do all these epic things and even more!


Thank you for staying with me these past 100 posts. May the next 100 inspire you to go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!

~ Ace


8 thoughts on “100th Post: Going Merry On My Way To Thousand Sunny”

  1. ” but felt ill-equipped at the time to mention or highlight anything I’d consider as something worth remarking and expounding upon.”

    You can always make notes and come back later! (I find WordPress’s ‘draft posts’ feature handy for this.)

    “Lastly, as mentioned before, I really want to engage more with this community.”

    Many of us could stand to do more of that…

    And congrats on 100 in seven months, I’ve just managed to break 50 in the same time frame.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the suggestions!

      Though in regards to the former, I feel like some of the things that I may feel able to comment on now have passed the moment for such commentary. I’ll admit this is a self-imposed idea that’s been burned into my mind however. Just feels like certain things are most relevant when the spark is still new.

      Congrats on your 50!

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