Fun Things Are Fun! – Day 15: Favourite Slice of Life Anime

Here we are. Favourite slice of life anime. Not much confusion or difficulty deciding here. However, I can’t bring myself to only mention one so… This should be fun. Though as much as I’d love to talk about these shows on-end, I feel it necessary to keep things brief here should I wish to revisit them and write about them in the future (excuses excuses).


You know what’s a feel good show? Barakamon. Really, it’s such a good time. Funny and endearing characters. A lighthearted and relaxing tone. And a depiction of the pain and pleasure of living with others while showcasing the life of an artist in all its struggles, successes, and lessons. It personally struck a chord with me.


Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Not everything has to be novel in order to be considered amazing. And Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is such a show. It’s a lot of familiar archetypes, tropes, and gags from past shows of its respective genres, but presents them with a new dynamic and tone and executes phenomenally on them. Fun and lovable characters, jaw-dropping animation and action scenes, and excellent treatment of its themes. I love this show. It’s fantastic and an absolute joy to watch. It makes my heart go doki-doki like crazy.


Lucky Star

One of the most genuinely funny and rewatchable sketches ever. Lucky Star is something worth celebrating my love for again and again, no matter what the current sentiment is on it. I happen to enjoy the show a tremendous deal and received a high degree of value from it. It’s one of the most captivating, pleasant and hilarious experiences I’ve ever had watching anime. I was transfixed and enjoyed every minute of each episode. Perhaps a big part of this is Konata as an audience surrogate, being the veteran otaku she is, has a great deal of experience, knowledge, and enjoyment from her hobbies, which are very likely the same hobbies of anyone who can relate to her: anime, video games, etc. A lot of the conversations in Lucky Star are totally relatable to me and makes it feel like I’m watching/listening to an awesome conversation about things I love talking about.



Here is a show near and dear to my heart. Full of light and fluffy feels, something about K-On just imbues with me with unabashed joy and the warmest of smiles. Have you noticed suffering does not exist in this world? I mean there are moments of pain and tears, but there is no suffering beyond what is presented as ‘cute problems’. If someone stubs their toe in K-On or knocks their head, it is immediately shown in the most adorable way possible with everyone just as adorably worrying over them and helping them.


It is an interesting fantasy slice-of-life where there appears to be no evil in this world, only the triumph of good vs. nothing. I would love to live in this world. That might sound boring, but it’s actually quite fun and full of strong emotive power. So light and fluffy it makes my heart go aflutter. It’s struck me harmoniously more than once with this power and wholesome goodness that rocks my world like nothing else.


~ Ace


2 thoughts on “Fun Things Are Fun! – Day 15: Favourite Slice of Life Anime”

    1. For sure! I think it’s wonderful (helpful even) to have a handful of shows you can watch that are just fun and relaxing daily life kind of stuff. These ones I mentioned are practically buried in my heart like little treasures. I love them.


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