So, So Much To Choose From – Day 1: Anime I Want to Watch

Day one asks me to list the anime I want to watch, which to give a quick answer would be “almost all of them”. I imagine that’s not a serviceable answer, and I feel the same way, which is why I’ll just list the anime on my top priority to watch for this year, rather than listing every single anime I have any interest in watching, considering that would range from the hundreds to the thousands of shows and movies out there. My PTW list gets bigger and bigger everyday it seems, so forgive me for not being able to narrow this down to one choice. Or two. Or ten.

Currently, I’m in the middle of watching Boku no Hero Academia, Gintama, and Shirobako. So, I hope to finish them before the year is out at least (well, maybe not Gintama). Really enjoying them all, but Shirobako is glistening in my eyes at the moment with its deep insight and informative view of the workplaces in the anime industry. With its strongly relatable characters and amazing presentation, there isn’t a single scene that doesn’t have me wanting to know more about these characters and seeing how they deal with their struggles. Shirobako also doles out quite a surprisingly substantial amount of sound advice in work ethic, pursuing dreams, learning and improving in your craft, and so many other things. Oh, how I adore this show.


Besides anime I’m currently watching, there are many that I own on dvd or blu-ray and would very much like to open up and enjoy on television for a refreshing change of pace. There’s something about watching a really good show on TV that makes it that much more engaging and memorable, and I suppose it’s because of the lack of distractions. Watching anime on the computer has the disadvantage of being on the same device I use for social media platforms, and the urge to check between episodes (especially if the stream hasn’t finished loading or the internet is slow) becomes increasingly more frequent and kinda ruins any sense of immersion in what I’m watching. However, I don’t seem to have that problem when I get to put that aside, sit back on the couch and press play. I get a more engaging experience when it’s just me and the anime then. Anyway, here’s the list of anime I own that I would like to watch this year:

The Count of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou

Ergo Proxy

Fullmetal Panic

Macross / Robotech

Nadia the Secret of Blue Water


Outlaw Star

Sherlock Hound

Spice & Wolf

Squid Girl


And of course, the currently airing shows which spark a sense of duty in seeing even just to be part of the conversation surrounding them. Boku no Hero Academia Second Season is going pretty strong at the moment, and whether it falters along the way or not (doubtful), I do plan on seeing it all the way through and right now it’s a been a really fun time watching it. Re:Creators is also something I’m becoming more interested in and would love to check out for the premise alone. The concept of fictional characters coming to life in the real world has been done before, but from what I’ve seen the level of nuance and tact this show is taking with the idea is leagues beyond everything that’s come before it, and I look forward to checking it out and seeing how far it takes the idea further. What I’m most excited to watch and have wanted to watch since the first thing about it dropped, is Little Witch Academia. From the outset, this series is essentially the story I’ve been writing ideas on for years; basically anime Harry Potter.


There are of course many others I hope to get to this year, but I honestly have no idea how long it’ll be before I get to them, and right now I have my plate pretty full as it is. I don’t want to make myself feel overwhelmed with a never ending list of content I want to experience, so think it’s for the best if I focus on the smaller picture and keep the watching priorities at a minimum, especially if I want to make any time for blogging and everything else.


Tldr; Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Little Witch Academia.

~ Ace


5 thoughts on “So, So Much To Choose From – Day 1: Anime I Want to Watch”

  1. Nice. I don’t know which of these you may have gotten to yet (haven’t had a chance to go through your MAL yet) but I would recommend The Count of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou if you are looking for a unique spin on a classic, Ergo Proxy if you want something a bit experimental and think-y, or Noein if you’d like to see something a bit under-the-radar for your next watch 🙂

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    1. I actually DID watch Gankutusuou recently – thought it was really cool, but don’t seem to love it or hold it in as high regard as most people on MAL seem to.

      Tried the first episode of Ergo Proxy and I’ll be honest and say I don’t look forward to continuing (I WILL get back to and try to finish it though, since I, ya know, own it).

      Haven’t gotten to Noein yet, but I’ve heard good things (from trusted sources) so I hope it turns out well for me.

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      1. Ah, well what makes Gankutusuou interesting (aside from Gonzo being in charge of it, they had a weird string of classic lit adaptations) is that they didn’t make The Count the main character and perspective story teller.

        Ergo Proxy is a mixed bag. Oh yeah! How did I almost forget???? That show has an incredible recap episode! Especially if you like game shows. Show definitely got better for me further in, the early episodes are a bit weak.

        I’ll be honest and say I thought Noein felt a little average but it did some innovative things. It’s like somebody wanted to write Steins;Gate but they tried too soon and without the right amount of focus. Still very much worth a watch at least once 🙂

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        1. I think there’s a few interesting things about Gankutsuou, like how the romantic entanglements work and play out, and how The Count plans and plots his revenge. I really do like it, just not all that eager to re-watch it.

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