Legendary Girl A: Comiket Veteran

As observed by Kagami, Konata’s intellect and passion truly shine here in this episode when she is in her own environment of expertise; in this case the Comiket convention. Even for a regular attendee, Konata’s level of preparation for this massive event is extremely impressive.

She has not only printed out maps of the convention for herself,  Kagami, and Tsukasa, but also detailed the places and times color-coded in regards to urgency; or rather the stand locations with limited issues and other merch that will most likely be sold-out by a certain time. I’d imagine this would take years of observation and focus to develop such a keen level of pattern recognition and to map it all out accordingly. Even more remarkably, she accounts for queues, breaks, and is seemingly able to accurately discern waiting times based on these and other variables. I applaud her efforts and talent here. I for one do not have the capacity, or passion as Konata does when it comes to navigating conventions and having a plan ahead of time to maximize spending profits.


Her ability to relay this information to Kagami and Tsukasa is also admirable. It showcases her knowledge and talent rather well I think. And the crowd surrounding them certainly gives lots of mood and atmosphere to help highlight the importance of and practicality of Konata’s methodology. She takes an economic approach when it comes to understanding how spending time on one thing can lead to sacrificing time on another, and manages to successfully assess ahead of time where to go and how long to stay in a very precise order, and execute on acquiring her target products, with help from Kagami and Tsukasa, to great effectiveness. I gather that Konata has witnessed enough exchanges from previous appearances to imagine and anticipate them with a solid degree of certainty.


Truly it is a sight to behold such a master planner at work, but it’s all the more satisfying to see her pleased with herself from beginning to end. Not only does such a setting allow the show to indulge in an excellent showcase of Konata’s character, but also gives a true to life representation of such events. My own personal experience does not match anything of such a scale, as I have only ever attended local Cons, and had no such luck with as awesome of a haul as in this episode or real world equivalents popular in Japan and America. However, I would very much like to attend one of such proportion in the future, despite my propensity to avoid enormous queues and crowds. Please teach me your ways, venerable Konata-sama!

Kagami finds her way around easy enough, it only being her second time. I’m pleasantly surprised by her following through on helping Konata, considering her apparent concern about returning stemming from her previous experience being tricked into going to a “festival” with Konata last time. Though I probably shouldn’t be surprised given how this show likes to play up her as having tsundere attributes toward Konata, but that’s friendship for you.


Tsukasa (bless her heart), it being her first time and a fresh and unfamiliar experience for her, unfortunately gets swept up in the crowd and dragged away by a sea of people only to land on the opposite side of the convention. Poor girl.


Oh and guess who makes another epic cameo…


His appearance adds another layer of enjoyment and appreciation to this show, as well as a refreshingly amusing different style of character and animation that could not stand out more awesomely in a moe show. It’s the perfect setting to showcase such a character too. Who better to have bursting with spirit trying to sell merch at a convention? Brilliant.

~ Ace


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