Groovin’s Magic

Anime OPs are generally made with the express purpose of setting up expectations for the viewer on what the show is about. Often you may see scenes from the show itself being spliced into the OP as previews for the ensuing awesomeness that lies in wait. Some OPs, however, can be so striking and memorable on their own that they alone invite you to return and re-watch the series again and again.

Diebuster’s OP arguably might not be as powerful as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s “Sorairo Days”, but it sure does set the mood to make me want to revisit those six episodes again. Both OPs are great in their own special and awesome ways, which is why I believe how an OP makes you feel is ultimately the most important thing about them. A great OP has the energy (instrumentation, seiyuu, lyrics, spirit) and matching imagery to make me feel excited about the next episode, and the show in general. Good OPs lend themselves to make you feel attached to the anime, and Diebuster’s “Groovin’s Magic” certainly rings true in that regard, for me at least. There’s a beautiful melody to it that speaks to the more quiet emotions, and as upbeat and happy as it sounds, I find a more melancholic undertone behind that sanguine-sounding voice. What truly makes an OP great for me is its ability to evoke such powerful feelings in me that it makes me fall in love with anime all over again.


As much as imagery can add a lot to the music of an OP, I find that with great OPs even just listening to them on walks still manages to evoke strong feelings of love for anime, without the accompaniment of images to help ground me in the anime’s world. Sure, the visuals of Baccano!’s OP do make it that much more an immersive experience seeing the essence of all the characters so concisely expressed in such a short and amazing time, but the jazzy music is so lively and effective on its own that I can feel a part of the world just listening to it. Though, in this case, I would still consider watching the OP to be the best way of experiencing it anyway.

Some OPs have strong instrumentals and make for a fun experience engaging with purely on an audio level, because the visuals aren’t really that substantial to add to the experience, like Log Horizon’s “Database”. Jamming out to the Engrish lyrics is all the awesomeness one really needs (though company is more than welcome) to get maximum enjoyment out of it. Whereas other OPs take time to grow on me, like Toradora!’s “Silky Love”. Initially, I resented the change from the first OP, “Pre-Parade”, but now I’ve grown to love it so much that I think I may even prefer to the original. Not that I’ve lost my love for “Pre-Parade”, they’re both wonderful OPs for an equally wonderful show, and I find joy to be had in both of them.

Back to Diebuster’s OP, I believe it’s one that benefits a lot from its imagery, even though a lot of it is just snippets from the show. There’s a heart to the song that beats to its fullest when combined with these images, and makes for a more immersive experience, in my opinion. Nono’s character and what makes her so damn charming and lovely bleeds through, and is felt in the song, and any accompanying imagery with her and Lal’c enhances that charm ten-fold. Something about Nono’s silhouetted walk heightens the satisfaction of listening to the song, perhaps because it reinforces Nono’s confident strides as her growth throughout the series, and her take-off at the end symbolizes her reaching her maximum potential, as well as for spoiler reasons? Pure speculation on my part, but if it’s even remotely true, I appreciate that extra layer of depth.


For me, I feel a lot of love and joy from it. It’s difficult to explain why, but it did make me thirst for each subsequent episode (though to be fair, there are only six). I think it’s a real good OP and fits Diebuster like a glove. It’s easy to remember my love for this show watching the OP, and the fact that this OP makes me grow all the more fonder toward anime (not that I wasn’t already fond of it) is kind of magical in that way.

~ Ace


3 thoughts on “Groovin’s Magic”

  1. Enjoyed your read on anime openings !! And def agree how your listening to them walk along and they make you feel all the feelings of whatever anime the song is from, reminds you.

    I liked hearing about what the series song from die busters means to you. I’ll be honest I’ve never heard of die buster till
    Now. Def check it out at some point. XD

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    1. I only watched it recently, so “remembering” might be a bit premature. Regardless, it is quite the song and dance number of a reminder how sweet and awesome Nono is as a character. Glad you enjoyed my unabashed fanboying! Hope you get something out of the show as well.

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