Ho-kago Tea Time

Tea is very likely my favourite drink of choice, which I consume about at least three mugs of a day. As little of a thing as it may seem, and as silly as it may sound, this beverage has become a big part of my life. 


Cake, while not something I often indulge in, often has a wide and lovely variety of different aesthetics that manage to evoke a sweet and charming allure about it, which is on its own is enough to give me a different kind of pleasure as opposed to eating it (which I’m also fond of), whereby simply gazing at beautifully designed cake is a delightful act in and of itself. The light music club in K-On not only engages in both of these as breaks from their music practice, but these tea time breaks quickly become so woven into their social lifestyle that they name their band after this daily activity: Ho-kago Tea Time (After-School Tea Time).


Mugi being the elegant, rich, and generous friend she is, tends to be the one not only to mention and offer “tea time” to the other girls, but she serves it as well (very elegantly, mind you). I very much love the atmosphere of these breaks, and thoroughly enjoy the light and fluffiness of everything on display, from the characters and their reactions of chatter and delight to the bright and gorgeously decorated environment and wonderfully scrumptious-looking cakes. My sweet tooth is tempted during these scenes. I feel spoiled just looking at it, and it has me craving for the same succulent splendor being teased on screen in front of me. K-On is sort of a bad influence on me in this regard.


Watching these scenes is a treat in and of itself, and makes me want to be part of their world all the more. Maybe it’s the amazing artwork, eye-gasm animation, or the cuteness being cranked up to eleven, but everything about K-On makes the tea and cakes all the more exquisite. The tea times and pastries benefit from and accentuate the light and fluffiness of K-On, and it’s delicious.


~ Ace


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